Showing Is Better Than Telling

We're a visual bunch here at Tribal and Tribal leader, Sarah, often takes to her laptop to record videos with tips, tricks and tool demonstrations as well as creating #TribalSketches - a visual way of demonstrating social business and marketing concepts.



Tribal Sketches: Goodbye Funnel & Hello Flywheel

According to HubSpot, the funnel is broken. Buyers no longer follow linear buyer journeys. Social and digital media has caused buyers to be influenced differently. Trust, ease of doing business and transparency is key. The flywheel is the new funnel. This is my explanation of how it works.

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Tribal Sketches: Influencer Marketing & Employee Advocacy

Real influence isn’t about popularity and number of followers. Real influence is the ability to cause effect or change behaviour. This whiteboard sketch explores how employees can become your most powerful market influencers.

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Tribal Sketches: Sales & Marketing Alignment

In this video, Sarah discusses the need for sales and marketing to become better aligned - especially when it comes to social selling. Marketing are having to nurture prospects further down the funnel and sales are moving up the funnel, needing to start conversations earlier in the buying process. So how does this work in practice? Sarah explains

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Tribal Sketches: The Life Cycle Of A Modern Sales Team

This #TribalSketch explains the life cycle of a Social Seller. We've noticed a trend over the last few years where sales have been introduced to LinkedIn Sales Navigator with little or no training. They're quickly put off and the investment is often not utilised properly. Understanding the pattern of behaviour is essential to modern selling success using LinkedIn.

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How To Use Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows is an online tool that embeds into your browser. It uses personality AI to DiSC profile others based on their LinkedIn profile – hugely powerful if you’re in a sales role. Learn how it works and how it can help with social selling.

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