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Unlock the Power of Employee-Generated Content

As a program manager, you know it's critical to empower your employees to share their professional voice on social media. However, traditional training often feels irrelevant or overwhelming.

myTribe Academy is a new way to empower your employees to elevate their professional presence and amplify your brand voice, at scale.


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What is myTribe Academy?

myTribe Academy is an innovative platform designed to transform employees into dynamic social media content creators.

It equips B2B enterprises with structured and adaptive learning paths, focusing on content creation and brand promotion.

Sketch-Circle---Green-White-Tick-40 Empower Every Employee: From beginners to advanced strategists, our tailored paths meet everyone where they are on their social media maturity journey.
Sketch-Circle---Green-White-Tick-40 Learning That's Actually Fun: With points, rewards, and friendly competition, training becomes an engaging, enjoyable experience.
Sketch-Circle---Green-White-Tick-40 Data-Driven Insights: Track progress and social media impact with precision, optimising your team’s online presence at scale.

Personalised Learning Paths

Structured and adaptive learning modules for your employees to learn what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Linkedin Strategies For Career Pivots

Start on the Right Track

Employees complete a social media maturity quiz to identify their starting point, so learning content is tailored to their skill level.

Building A Networking Habit Your Essential Guide

On-Demand Learning

Over 50 modules with a variety of learning styles for employees to engage with depending on their skill level.

Building Credibility With Strategic Content-1

Keep on Levelling-Up

Freshly updated content with a variety of learning styles including e-learning modules, audio and visual guides.

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See myTribe in Action

Enhancing Visibility With Linkedins Algorithm

Looking to transform your team into skilled social media advocates?

Schedule a live demo with myTribe to see how we can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is myTribe?

myTribe is an interactive learning platform that empowers your employees to become social media content creators. 

Employees can access comprehensive training for becoming a leading voice in the digital domain. 

Who is myTribe for?

myTribe's tailored learning paths take your employees on the right track for them. 

It's perfectly designed for activating your subject matter experts who show a passion for their industry.

Busy leadership teams wishing to build their personal brand will also benefit from the quick bite-size modules.

Employees who are showing an interest in becoming more active on social will benefit from tailored learning depending on how active they already are. 

What type of content is on myTribe?

There are over 50 modules available, with new modules being added every month. 

Employees will benefit from:


  • Interactive modules to learn the latest best practices 
  • Long-term habit forming training to become a leading voice in the digital domain
  • A variety of learning styles, including e-learning modules, audio, video and visual guides. 
  • Freshly updated content with the information needed to create relevant content. 
How does myTribe ensure the quality of content?

AI-generated base training content is meticulously reviewed by a Tribal Impact reviewer to guarantee accuracy, relevance, and commitment to delivering high-quality learning resources.

How often is the content on the platform updated?

Content undergoes regular revisions based on user analytics and evolving social media trends to maintain relevance and adaptability. Knowledge topics experience reviews ranging from monthly to every three months.

Is the platform available in languages other than English?

Initially, myTribe Academy will be English-based, with plans to incorporate French, German, and Spanish, reflecting our commitment to inclusivity and multilingual engagement.

What kind of data is captured and stored by the platform?

MyTribe Academy retains user interaction, progress, and performance data, applying stringent encryption and data protection to ensure user information security and legal compliance. MyTribe Academy is set up to be GDPR compliant through LearnWorlds.

How do we get technical and training support for any issues?

Technical support can be sought through our ticket system on the platform.