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Free B2B Social Business Resources

For empowering your tribes and extending your impact.

Employee Advocacy

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Launch An Employee Advocacy Program With Confidence 

Use this workbook to create your Employee Advocacy Program in just 8 simple steps.

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Activate Your Employees On Social Media [Infographic]

Your employee's existing social media presence is a huge opportunity to increase your brand reach. 

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Learn How To Turn Social Media Risk In To Opportunity [eBook]

Discover how to manage employee risk and brand reputation online with our Social Media Policy eBook.

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What Is Your Social Media Impact?  Take the Quiz! 

Take the quiz and find out you social media impact and tips to take your social media presence to the next level. 

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Beyond Advocacy Vanity Metrics [Webinar]

Learn how to adopt and optimise an Employee Advocacy program with the right metrics in place.

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Employee Advocacy 2.0    [eBook]

We teamed up with Onalytica to create a definitive guide to Employee Advocacy, Social Selling and Influencer Marketing.

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Social Media Policy Pack - Resources 2

Create A Social Media Policy [Free Template]

The pack also includes a 'social media do's and don't' quick reference document and an employee on-boarding presentation featuring social media best practices.

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Social Selling

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Establish Your Professional Brand On Social Media [eBook]

Kick start your presence on social media with our easy-to-follow 10-minute Coffee Cup Routine.

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Learn How To Kick Start Your Social Selling Program [eBook]

Learn how to enable and embed Social Selling behaviours in your organisation and keep you front of mind with buyers.

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Why Replace Cold Calling With Social Selling [Infographic]

Learn why and how B2B sales teams need to quickly adapt to stay front of mind of buyers.

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Learn How To Use Instagram For B2B Social Selling [Recording]

In this episode of SAP's 'Coffee Break with Game Changers', tribe member Vanessa discusses using Instagram for B2B Social Selling.

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Social Leadership


The Social CEO

How Social Media Can Make You A Stronger Leader

Written by Damian Corbet with opening Chapter by Tribal's Sarah Goodall.

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Social C-Suite eBook

Learn how to activate your leadership team on social media and help to establish a social business.


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