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Oct 28, 2021 Tribal Impact

Why Businesses Struggle With Employee Advocacy

Why Businesses Struggle With Employee Advocacy compressed

Employee advocacy can make a tremendous difference to a company’s bottom line. The first step is to encourage employees to be active on social media. Engaging with others in this way takes time and confidence.

It also takes time to get everyone on board with a change, and bringing in an employee advocacy program is a big one. It may seem like a new concept, but it’s been around for a long time. 

The real challenge lies in businesses adopting an advocacy program in a way that works for them, their employees, and their audience. 

Tribal Impact CEO Sarah Goodall has been helping businesses with their employee advocacy for over a decade and she’s used all of that knowledge to help build the team here at Tribal. 

Naturally, in that time, she’s seen some patterns emerge for businesses that do it right – and those that get it wrong. 

We recently conducted an Employee Social Media Risk Report 2021, which showed that 80% of employees use social media every day.  

Yet 42% of those aged 18-34 have read and not understood, never read, or don’t even know about, their company’s social media policy. 

Which shows the assumption that someone being present on social media is a sign they know how to use it for business purposes is very, very wrong.

Companies need to do something to bridge the gap between social media usage and employees’ understanding of how their behaviour on social media can impact their employer. 

That’s why Sarah wrote this post for Guild all about the problems businesses face with social media advocacy – and what to do about it. 

Guild is a professional communication platform. It’s a place to learn, teach, and exchange contacts.  

If LinkedIn is the professional version of Facebook, think of Guild as the professional version of WhatsApp. They’re big on the power of connecting people, and everyone working together to do good things. 

Professional platforms like Guild are where founders, C-Suite leaders, and senior managers often hang out. Which makes it the perfect place for networking, collaborating, and learning. 

Guild could be used for many aspects of employee advocacy, from training to recruitment to networking. 

But before embracing advocacy, it’s important to pre-empt the problems that could arise so that businesses face fewer challenges and can see ROI faster. 

Read Sarah’s blog post about The Trouble with Employee Advocacy. 


eBook: Seven Steps To Reinvigorate Your Employee Advocacy Program

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Published by Tribal Impact October 28, 2021