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Jan 07, 2021 Emma Butterworth

The Courage To Change Careers And Become Part Of The Tribe

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2020 was a crazy year for everyone, am I right?

March started for me as a typical month. My daily routine was going to work, look after my son, food shopping and trips to the park. And then boom to hear the announcement that the country was going into lockdown, wow what a shock!

At the time, I was working in a Nursery and we were closing due to the lockdown (in my head I thought this will all blow over in 2 weeks) and gosh I was wrong. From March – July I was furloughed.

I didn’t quite realise how much I loved the routine of work until lockdown hit, I think it was more the social side as well. The meetups with friends, family and work colleagues changed overnight. If you’re a people person like me then I know you understand what I’m talking about. Going from freedom to nothing was a big shock and adapting to this new way was something we all had to get used to. There was no differentiation between the weekdays and weekends they just muddled into one and it was very isolating and lonely at times.

According to the Mental Health Foundation “A survey of UK adults which took place during lockdown (2 – 3 April), one in four (24%) said they had feelings of loneliness in the previous two weeks. When the same question was asked shortly before lockdown, just one in ten people (10%) said they had these feelings.” https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/coronavirus/loneliness-during-coronavirus


Taking A Leap Of Faith Into The Unknown


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I decided it was time for a change, so I left my job at the end of July, thinking the world is my oyster! I believe that everything happens for a reason and applied for jobs in my field; teaching assistants, hospital vacancies, and supermarket roles. I was happy to do anything and wanted some structure in my life. And If I’m completely honest I didn’t want my husband to be the only wage earner in our household. (This isn’t an issue but to me, this is a personal preference).

My mood was rock bottom if I’m honest and leaving my job of 7 years was a daunting and scary process. I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone knows me for being happy all the time when on the inside I was sad; I hated being out of work for so long. A lot of people might say, You had your son to look after, yes that is true, but I didn’t want to be mum 24/7; I wanted a focus and a fresh start.

I met Sarah years ago and we had kept in contact via social media. Sarah messaged me a year previous and said if I ever fancied a change then to contact her. So, I plucked up the courage and sent a waffling message. A few days later we met up for a coffee and she said she may have a job for me (of course everything always involves food or drink). I was nervous and not a clue what to expect. I knew Sarah had her own business but didn’t know doing what!

Sarah spoke to me about Tribal Impact. I learned that Tribal is a B2B company, not a B2C company and some of the big brands’ Tribal work with. A few of the client names were completely new to me. I imagine it was a big thing for both of us. Me, going into the unknown in a new industry and Sarah taking a huge risk on someone who would need complete training. I wondered if she’d have the time to mould a newbie into a Tribie! But I was determined to give this my best shot and open to learning a whole new job and industry!

So, we chatted, emailed, messaged. I spoke with other members of the Tribe, to get a feel for the company and team I’d be a part of. I completed a few courses on HubSpot Academy, signed up for a Twitter and became active on LinkedIn.

I continually asked myself before I became part of the Tribe, “Am I doing the right thing? What if I fail? What if I let Sarah down?” The same questions we often ask ourselves during the hiring process.

Then I was officially offered the job. I immediately sorted out childcare and started a week later. It all came together perfectly.



Changing Careers Has Been One Of The Best Decisions I’ve Made


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Now, I’ve been part of the Tribal for a few months. It has been a complete change and one of the best decisions I have ever made for me and my family. The flexibility (one of our foundation values) has been great, no commute to and from work - a huge positive with a young son. My work and family life fit together, it’s not a 9-5. The freedom to leave my desk and go for a walk when I need to is great for the mind. Walking has been a lifesaver in lockdown!

I’m also grateful to be part of a company open to helping you learn and grow with new experiences. I’m learning every day. I may not know all the abbreviations yet. I didn’t have a clue what B2B or CRM meant in the beginning. And of course, I have a quick Google or ask my team if I come across something I’m unsure of.

What could have been a pretty rubbish year (and it’s still been tough at times) became exciting and challenging in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I’m part of a team and a business that appreciates and values me, I know this isn’t a given with every job and every employer.


You Can Find The Courage To Change Careers Too


To anyone feeling like you can’t train for a new job, or that you must stay in your current job because it's all you’ve known. Let me say this to you, “You can have a career change and train to do something completely new.”

I left my job with nowhere to go. I know I’m lucky, and I wouldn’t recommend leaving your job without one to go to (unless you are extremely unhappy or financially stable). But if you take anything from my story, please take this thought, “You spend a lot of time in at work and everyone deserves to be in a career they enjoy.”


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Published by Emma Butterworth January 7, 2021