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Mar 19, 2024 Ryan Humphreys

Celebrating International Day of Forests with #TribalTrees: Our Impact So Far

The 21st of March is the International Day of Forests and it's a topic that’s close to our hearts here at Tribal.

In November 2022, we partnered with Tree-Nation and launched #TribalTrees, where we could directly link the growth of our business with the growth of our planet and forests – offsetting our CO2 emissions and building a sustainable brand.

Since we launched Tribal Trees over one year ago, we’ve already:

Planted Over 2800 Trees

We’ve already surpassed 2800 trees and are on track to reach 3000 by May. We’ve planted 17 different species of tree, which are a mix of agroforestry, plant, fast-growing and endangered varieties.

Offset 687 Tonnes Of CO2

To help you picture this easier, 687t of CO2 is the equivalent of:

  • 340 return flights from London to New York.
  • Driving an average petrol car to the moon six times (for context, the distance to the moon is 384,000km!).
  • The emissions of 84 average UK homes in a year.
  • 78,000 gallons of gasoline consumed.
  • 46 million smartphones charged (that’s almost the population of Spain!).

Planted Trees In 17 Countries 

We’ve planted trees in 17 countries worldwide, including Brazil, Senegal and Kenya. The planting of trees in various regions worldwide has not only helped to offset CO2, but also helped to support local communities.

Tree Nation Map

For example, the Forest Garden Program in Senegal works with local farmers to create sustainable land management practices, helping create food security and revenue for the farmers.

The Camino Verde project in Peru aims to preserve the biodiversity of the Peruvian Amazon and collaborates with indigenous populations to protect their rights, autonomy, and cultural heritage.

We’re privileged to be able to contribute to these projects and have a real impact on communities across the globe.

Planted Trees On Behalf Of Over 200 Different People

We’re a social bunch here at Tribal and we’ve planted trees on behalf of over 200 people so far. These consist of our own Tribal employees, our customers, and our guest speakers on our weekly LinkedIn Live sessions. 

We’ve Ran 8544km On Strava 

Every month we total up the miles in our TribalMilePact Strava Group and for every 1km our core and extended tribe have walk/run/swim that month, we’ll donate 10p towards #TribalTrees. 8544km is the distance from London to San Francisco!

The Future Of #TribalTrees

We’ve made great progress already, but we’ve got ambitions to take our approach to sustainability to a whole new level.

We're a remote company with employees from all over the UK (and beyond!), but we still make time twice a year to meet in-person. These team retreats are a chance to connect, strategise and socialise with each other.

Our goal is to make these meetings carbon neutral, which includes taking a ‘train first’ approach to travel and planting trees to offset CO2 from any car or plane travel. We’ll also be applying this to our customer visits too!

Follow our progress using the #TribalTrees hashtag and on our TreeNation page.

More About Tree-Nation 

Tree-Nation exists to tackle deforestation. They are on a mission to plant 1 trillion trees by 2050. Already they are partnering with over 14,000 companies to help fight climate change. Read more about Tree-Nation here.

Editor's Note: This blog was originally published in 2023 and has been completely refreshed and updated to be relevant for 2024.

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Published by Ryan Humphreys March 19, 2024
Ryan Humphreys