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Sep 07, 2022 Donna Spencer

Our New Approach To Digital Activation

You may have already noticed the new website that we launched last month. It is a makeover, but it's also so much more.

After speaking with our customers about their challenges and paying close attention to the market, we have developed a new three-phased approach to help you activate your employees on social media.

Streamlining A Disconnected Approach

Often, the problem is that companies silo off each area – the sales team leads social selling, HR leads employer branding, and marketing leads employee activation and influencer programs. Our new approach ties together these fragmented programs.

Businesses also typically have a brand-centric attitude towards social media, spending time creating content for branded pages and maybe getting employees to share it. This doesn’t take full advantage of the benefits of social media or make a real difference to a business’s bottom line.

Our New Three-Phased Approach To Digital Activation

Strategy: The Starting Point

Success starts with a clear strategy. By benchmarking and evaluating your employee’s current social adoption, you can build a focused activation strategy, that prioritises where to invest first, and illustrates where you are in comparison with your competitors.

At the end of this stage, we will provide you with a training and enablement program for each type of employee you are trying to activate – general employees, subject matter experts, leadership, and salespeople. This will include country/regional level variation, if applicable.

Enablement: Activate Your Employees

Next, we build a strategy around our findings, so you can target your investment and accelerate your impact. A bespoke employee activation program will be designed to scale basic training to the masses, support specific functions with a targeted learning experience and offer 1-2-1 support for your most advanced employees.

Impact: From Action to Results

We’ll help you build a reporting system that’s insight-driven so you can take action to optimise your training and enablement at every stage of the employee social maturity journey. With the right framework, you’ll be able to identify your emerging employee influencers, align training and demonstrate impact on company growth.

Most importantly, those results are measurable and reportable, so you’ll be able to visualise the impact social media has on the business.

Open Doors Faster Than Traditional Marketing

When businesses do take full advantage of social media, it can have amazing results. Recently, we worked with Stewarts, the UK’s largest litigation-only law firm, to overhaul their strategy. It resulted in an increase in offline meetings with LinkedIn connections by 33%, an 89% increase in social media-driven website traffic, and 50% active team members on LinkedIn. Stewarts also opened a conversation, that may have otherwise taken months to secure, thanks to a case study they shared on LinkedIn.

To see what other successes came out of their advocacy program, you can read the Stewarts case study here.

We want businesses to experience the productivity increase, and cost decrease, that happens when siloed social media programs are connected. We don’t just advise you on the best approach to do this, we have the services and solutions that will get you there faster. 

What’s New?

To go along with our new approach and website, we’ve got some new website features, including a new resources section where you can find guidebooks, expert interviews, quizzes, tools, and more to help you on your digital journey.

MicrosoftTeams-image (11)

Digital Activation Workbook

Our digital activation workbook is for you if you’re looking to launch or re-ignite your advocacy program. It’s for global B2B advocacy program managers who want to build an investment case for more resources, improve the utilisation of their advocacy tool, scale their program, or develop an action plan to make advocacy a part of the company culture.

Benchmarking Report

Our new benchmarking report will help you build a business case for social media that your leaders will support. Giving you a baseline for moving forward with your program, it will look at how your employee's social media activity compares to your competitors, their maturity level, and where you should prioritise your investment.

It’s perfect for you if you’re struggling to convince leaders why social media should be a priority, but you don’t have the time or resources to create a report yourself.

We’re really excited to share our new website and three-step approach with you. If you’d like to find out more, why not take a look around the site, or watch our short introduction video below. If you have any questions, let us know in the chat!

















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Published by Donna Spencer September 7, 2022
Donna Spencer