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May 27, 2021 Aisha Fardon

Our 2021 Employee Social Media Risk Report Is Here! How Do You Compare? [DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE]


The challenges of the last year have seen brands increasing their social media focus – including focusing more on employee advocacy. But while employees may now be more active, 58% of those who share company or job information on social media each week haven’t read or are aware of a social media policy. Or they don’t understand it.  

 2021 Social Media Risk Report blog image 1


That’s just one of the surprising findings of our recent survey that looks at the pressing questions employers have over their employees’ social media usage, such as: 

  • Do employees feel enabled to use social media for – or during – work?  
  • Do employees understand the impact their actions on social media have on their employers?  
  • Is this related to their understanding of the social media policy? 

Others include: 

  • Nearly a quarter of Executive/C-Level professionals don't believe what they post on social media can impact their company’s reputation. This rises to over 50% for 18 to 24 year olds 
  • 18 to 24-year-olds are more than twice as likely to post a negative comment/review about their employer online compared to their older colleagues. 

Some statistics, such as the age groups most likely to not have read and understood their social media policy, are more surprising. We discuss the results and what they mean for your social media risks strategy in our report. Download your copy here. 


Knowledge Is Power  

"The opportunities that result from building a strong presence on social channels far outweigh the risks. Leaving the playing field to your competitors for them to engage with your clients or prospects is far too great a price to pay."  

David Perry - @SocialDaveGlobal Social Media Advisor WSP 

Understanding your social media risk is more pressing than ever. 46% of women and 41% of men said they’d spent more time on social media during the pandemic. And in the last year, we’ve seen first-hand how even brands can get it wrong on issues of social justice, never mind employees. 

Yet athe statistics in our recent blog 50 Employee Advocacy Statistics (That Aren’t More Than 2 Years Old!) and our survey shows, the business case for employee advocacy is stronger than ever.  

Knowledge is power and we hope that our report helps you recognise the potential gaps in your employees’ social media risks knowledge – and how that can be turned into an opportunity. 

In conclusion, carrying out this report showed us that the social media policy should be used as an enablement tool that helps your employees feel comfortable and empowered to use social media and showcase theirs and your company’s expertise.  

Download your copy of the report here. 



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Published by Aisha Fardon May 27, 2021