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Feb 16, 2021 Tribal Impact

Law Firm Generates +33% Meetings & More Via Employee Advocacy

Law Firm Generates +33% Meetings & More Via Employee Advocacy Blog Header

Continual improvement is a recurring theme for the marketing team at Stewarts, the UK’s largest litigation-only law firm. Their Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Andy sought fresh ways to start conversations with potential new clients and referrers worldwide. He was keen to tap deeper into the reputation of the firm and lawyer-led referral networks as an avenue to win new instructions.

Andy’s research revealed Employee Advocacy as a contender – an approach that would be new to the firm and relatively fresh to the legal sector. It matched the desire of some colleagues to enhance social media use to grow their networks whilst allowing the firm and marketing team to manage the risk.

Andy enlisted Tribal Impact, trialling their Employee Advocacy Launch and Embed Service within a small pilot team before rolling it out wider across the firm.


Case Study: Stewarts Law Firm Generates +33% Meetings & More Via Employee  Advocacy 


With the help of Helena Sundarajoo, Marketing Executive at Stewarts, the programme was a resounding success and within nine months Stewarts’ results included:

  • +89% Increase in Social Media Driven Web Traffic
  • +60% Meaningful New LinkedIn Conversations
  • +33% Offline Meetings with LinkedIn Connections

You can read more about their journey and results in their case study.

You’ll also discover:

  • The challenges Andy and Helena had to overcome when launching employee advocacy
  • Why the early adopters were the driving force for their success
  • How they got partner buy-into roll the pilot out to a wider network
  • The training and support Tribal provided to ensure success

Stewarts shows success breeds success when a proven Employee Advocacy launch model embeds in an organisation, even when it is new to the team.


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Published by Tribal Impact February 16, 2021