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Jan 21, 2021 Tribal Impact

How Commvault Achieved 61% More Pipeline Via Social Selling

Before COVID-19, Social Selling was becoming more widely adopted as a way of adjusting to the digitally savvy B2B buyer. Then the pandemic struck and Zoom’s stock prices skyrocketed and we were forced to go digital overnight, no matter how far along the journey we were.  

Commvault seized the moment to launch their Social Selling pilot, knowing that it was their best opportunity to drive digital transformation in their sales operations and secure executive sponsorship. 


Case Study: How Commvault Achieved 61% More Pipeline Via Social Selling


Commvault engaged us to help them, with a very clear vision of what they needed their Social Selling program to deliver.

In the period of just five months between July and November 2020 they achieved phenomenal results, including: 

  • 61% more pipeline for salespeople with SSI scores of 70+ 
  • 63% more opportunities for salespeople that attended training  

You can read more about their journey and results in our case study. You’ll discover:  

  • The number of salespeople they recruited for a successful pilot  
  • The tools and training they used to enable and embed behaviour change 
  • How LinkedIn SSI scores correlated with sales performance 
  • The impact of training on sales performance  
  • How they plan to expand and tailor their Social Selling program in the future
  • How Commvault’s salespeople achieved 61% more pipeline during their Social Selling pilot program. 

Commvault’s pilot program was an undoubted success and a compelling example of turning a threat into an opportunity for digital transformation. Where are you at on your Social Selling journey? Let us know in the comments below! 


How Commvault Achieved 61% More Pipeline Via Social Selling

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Published by Tribal Impact January 21, 2021