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    6 LinkedIn Social Selling Tips For Your Remote Sales Team

    It’s one thing asking your sales teams to do their usual job remotely, but what happens when you want them to adopt a new approach? We’re seeing increasing flexibility in working arrangements and, following the lockdown associated with COVID-19, more permanent changes seem likely as companies embrace technology and reduce their environmental impact.


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    It’s easy for remote teams to feel isolated and that can mean a lack of motivation, particularly when a new way of working is being suggested.

    But how can you ensure your remote sales team are getting it right? For many years, LinkedIn was perceived to be all about finding a job. Now, it is about so much more than that. The rise of social selling has meant the platform is now the number one for business networking and relationship building.

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    Here are our top 6 tips to ensure your remote salespeople are getting the most they can from it:

    1. They need to start thinking about LinkedIn as a digital networking tool, not a career tool. It sounds simple but having the wrong impression of LinkedIn will impact the effectiveness of their contributions.

    2. They must tidy up their profile. First impressions last, and online is no different to in-person. They need a professional photo and to be talking less about their resume and more about their reputation.

    3. They must build a core digital network of KNOWN contacts. This isn’t a popularity contest so they shouldn’t randomly add people to their network. Their credibility and effectiveness will suffer if they choose quantity over quality.

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    4. They should engage as much as they share. Like any strong relationship, their online networking will benefit from give and take. They should be commenting and engaging with content just as often as they post their own.

    5. They need to mix up their content. They are there to build trust and start relationships, not to sell. If they do sell, they will erode that trust and their credibility will be damaged. This is networking, and networking is a long game. By investing time and effort in creating added value for their audience, they are certain to reap the rewards.

    6. They need to remember that quality beats quantity when it comes to content too. LinkedIn loves people who bring value to their network so just going through the motions won’t cut it. They need to think about their audience and what’s right for them and deliver that.


    We’re discovering new levels of digital communication, video conferencing and online collaboration when it comes to working remotely but these alone aren’t enough. Organisations need to be more strategic in their approach to digital selling.

    This means helping remote sales teams to identify a successful approach to growing their networks. Now is undoubtedly the right time to activate remote teams to make the most of online networking and social selling.


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