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Apr 21, 2020 Tribal Impact

Why Social Selling Is Perfect For The Remote Sales Team

There may be many reasons why a sales team needs to work remotely. Aside from simple geography, there could also be temporary reasons such as reduced travel budgets or global emergencies.

Challenges can arise for remote teams, especially when it comes to consistent management or scaling your reach quickly and efficiently. Read on to find out why social selling will help you meet those challenges and generate excellent results for your sales team.


why social selling is perfect for the remote sales team


Social Selling Is A Smarter Way To Sell

But working as part of a remote or disconnected team doesn’t have to mean your sales approach is any less effective. Social selling is a smarter way to sell. It allows you to connect to the individuals you want to target but also to be visible to both wider networks.

Rather than dealing with prospects individual, by phone or meeting in person, you can end up influencing more than just one target by building lots of relationships simultaneously. This is particularly useful given that we now realise there are several people involved in buyer journeys now.


buyers journey is complete before a prospect reaches out to a sales person


Social media is a fantastic amplifier and, if used well, will serve to help you build strong relationships and influence people even without being in a face-to-face scenario.

Relationship building now underpins business and selling as it never has before. People are no longer willing to listen to direct selling. They want to hear real stories from people they know, like and trust.

Connecting online with your target audience will mean you are visible more frequently. Every time you post something, people will be reminded of your name, every time you share your knowledge people will remember who you are.

The Importance Of Trust

Trust, or rather a lack of it, is a huge challenge for businesses. In fact, the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer report, its 20th such study, shows that no institutions are trusted. According to their results, only 20% of the general public express confidence in the system and an incredible 73% are looking for change. In addition, the people seen as the most credible include company technical experts and regular employees.

It follows, then, that people need to see the thinking behind the brand. By connecting through online platforms such as LinkedIn, we can identify targets as well as seeing what conversations they are having.


edelman trust barometer 6


In turn, you are then able to direct your content towards what matters to them and show you understand – and have a solution for – their pain points. By sharing insights and content that genuinely helps our buyers, we can prove that we can provide what they need before they even ask for it.

And don’t be misguided by whether or not people are engaging with your content. You may be reaching people who don’t even know they have a buying need. You will be planting the acorn for a future enquiry. As people get closer to you and your content – for example, they might ask to connect – you will know they are pre-qualified leads as they will complete this process naturally by opting in themselves.

The efficiencies of social selling will ricochet through all your sales activity. By doing your research and groundwork online, you’ll end up in a position to prioritise phonecalls and meetings when you do spend time on face-to-face sales.


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Published by Tribal Impact April 21, 2020