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Dec 13, 2022 Sarah Goodall

Tribal Impact Launches Tribal Trees

Tribal Impact partners with Tree Nation in its mission to drive sustainable business growth for both our customers and the planet 🌳

My daughter has a small plaque in her bedroom that reads “From little acorns do mighty oaks go”. It’s incredible how just seven words can communicate such a clear message about growth, resilience and perseverance.

From Little Acorns Resized1

At Tribal, we’ve long believed in the power of elevating and empowering individual employee voices on social media - helping employees grow in digital confidence, building their professional brand in a way that supports the company brand.

In alignment with our mission of growth, we’ve partnered with Tree Nation to build a sustainable brand where we make a positive impact on our society for our children and their children, where our business growth is directly connected to the growth of our planet and where we become a carbon neutral business and offset our CO2 emissions.

Tree nation & Tribal Impact

But Why Trees?  Surely Planting One Tree Won’t Make A Difference

Wrong!  A single tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, making it the most effective carbon filtration system on the earth but we need more of them!

Our global carbon emissions continue to rise yet there is less forest to maintain the ecological balance. 

Dark colours (like green tree cover) absorb the sun’s rays, yet light coloured areas (like cleared forests) reflect solar radiation and is responsible for 13% of all global carbon emissions (Source: Rainforest Alliance). 

Not only that, but every year also over 1,000 plants and animal species go extinct due to deforestation and subsequent habitat loss (Source: CNN).

So even just one tree can make a difference!  

How We Donate Tribal Trees

There are several ways in which we’re embedding this program into our internal day-to-day processes at Tribal.

  • Strava Miles: Every month we total up the miles in our TribalMilePact Strava Group and for every 1km our core and extended tribe walk/run/swim each month, we’ll donate 10p towards #TribalTrees.

  • LinkedIn Lives: For every guest that we invite onto our LinkedIn Live series, we’ll gift them 5 trees to plant to say thank you for their time

  • Festive Gifts: This year we won’t be sending cards or gifts to our customers and partners. We’re using this money and opportunity to create a lasting impact on our world. Instead our customers will be able to digitally plant their tree!

  • Birthday Gifts: As well as having their birthday off, we’ll be giving our employees the option to trade their traditional Tribal birthday gift for a selection of trees instead.

In 2023, we plan to expand this initiative into our customer processes so that feedback forms and eLearning subscriptions help to build our contribution to our planet.

We’re Building A Forest!

Our live map shows where we have planted trees, how many hectares we have reforested and how much CO2 we have captured because of our contribution. This will be tracked over time and I’m excited to see how our contribution grows with the support of our customers.

Tree Nation Tribal Map

Our Growth Supports Planet Growth

With this initiative we connect the growth impact we have on our customers with that of the planet. It feels right to build a legacy and lasting impact that will support future generations.

Customer Growth
To learn more about our initiative and why we need more trees, check out our Tribal Trees presentation here.

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Published by Sarah Goodall December 13, 2022
Sarah Goodall