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My First Month At Tribal And Adapting To Remote Working

working from home

Hi, my name’s Fiona, and I’m a new(ish) member of the Tribe.

I started at Tribal just over a month ago as a marketing executive. My previous role was in a B2B PR and marketing agency, where I worked on various digital marketing campaigns and marketing automation projects. That’s where I found the geeky side I never knew I had; I learnt how to code and digitised from then on until I became the resident digital guru, creating complex workflows in marketing automation to drive personalised email campaigns.

Why Tribal?

I was looking for a new challenge and I found Tribal Impact, a new and exciting looking place to work! As a marketer, something that attracted me to Tribal, was the quality of content and marketing material they produced (I stalked on social, read the blogs etc. - all the usual things you do when you are looking for a job). I especially loved the Insights page, compiling thoughts and useful clippings from all members of the team and 3rd party content.

Employee led content is an important part of Tribal culture which means everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the business’s content and marketing efforts. When I started doing my research, it was clear to see that Tribal’s values and services aligned with an inbound marketing and selling approach, which is something I’m passionate about.

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The website stood out to me too. Not only is it well designed, but also clear and concise – I understood what services were offered and the core values within just a few clicks! That may sound obvious, but considering users spend an average of just 5.59 seconds looking at written content, it’s quite important that content resonates. Having a well-designed and easy to navigate website appeals not only to prospective clients, but also prospective employees too.

So, anyway I took the plunge, applied for the job and here I am, a month or so later sitting in my home office, writing my first Tribal blog! It’s been a great experience so far, I joined at the right time, just before the Tribal annual get together so I was able to put names to faces which, as a remote team, is important.

Adapting To Remote Working

Part of the transition into this role has been working remotely. I came from an office-based job so transitioning into working from home is something I’m still getting used to.

Working remotely has its pros and cons; on one hand you don’t get the office banter, the opportunity to ask questions or on-hand help from colleagues, but on the other you get time and space to focus, no distractions and flexibility to take a break, sit in the garden with a cup of tea and give yourself time to reflect on your work. With the help of technology, communicating whilst working remotely isn’t really an issue – at Tribal we are still connected and able to share updates and insights with each other, easily. I’m used to working independently and I think that’s important for anyone considering a remote role, as is being motivated to learn and try things out.

Tribal’s Learning Culture

Starting a new role remotely has been challenging at times – but they’re a supportive bunch at Tribal and what’s more, there is a real culture of learning here. We’re encouraged to learn because it’s recognised that self-development ultimately benefits the business, whether that’s through educating and helping clients, or applying new techniques to enhance our own marketing practices. I’ve already learnt so much but of course there’s always more to learn and things to improve. It’s a breath of fresh air to be given the freedom and encouragement to explore and further my knowledge.

It’s great working somewhere that practices what they preach; an employee-led culture where everyone is given a voice and encouraged to generate content. For me, this was exactly the change I was looking for. I think employers sometimes forget that their employees want to contribute to business growth and feel part of a tribe too.


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