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Jul 12, 2022 Sarah Goodall

Dear HR, It’s Time We Talked. Here’s Hoping, Marketing

How’s it going?  Feels like ages since we bumped into each other in the coffee queue, but I guess with hybrid working, we’re going to have to get used to it!  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the flexibility that comes with remote working, but I do miss seeing people – you know, getting to know folks, feeling our culture. 

Speaking as an everyday employee now, it feels like the way we experience culture has changed.  When I travelled to the office, I got to listen to a book during the commute, enjoy the modern office space and share some laughs with my team at the coffee machine.   

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Now, my longest commute is to the supermarket, I barely leave my desk for a break and my co-worker responds to my chatter with barking and the occasional snore 🐶. 

Truth is, I’m feeling a little disconnected. 

I recently read a Gartner Study that said only 24% of hybrid and remote knowledge workers report feeling connected to their company culture.   

That’s just 1 in every 4 employees!  

At a time when 76% of employees say culture is very or extremely important for them to be effective at their job, surely, it’s got to be a priority for our leadership team. 

That’s when I had my idea.   

I reckon we can help each other out. 

As a marketer, I understand digital and social media - the importance of digital communities, how to build them and maintain them.  It just feels like a skillset that would support our culture right now. 

What’s more, our content just isn’t cutting it anymore.  This report from LinkedIn and Edelman confirmed my suspicions: 

  • 68% of our buyers say the pandemic spawned a huge increase in the amount of thought leadership content 
  • 71% of them said that less than half of the though leadership they consume gives them valuable insights 
  • 64% expect a more human, less formal tone of voice and 67% want to hear the point-of-view from an identifiable author 

Basically, our customers want to hear from our people.   

They want authentic, credible insights from our expert employee voices, but for that to happen our employees need to feel proud enough to become advocates and ambassadors of our brand. 

You see, I reckon there’s a connection here.  

We’re expert in brand.  You’re expert in people.   

We understand the customer experience.  You understand the employee experience. 

We nurture digital communities.  You nurture digital cultures. 

Together, we can strengthen the connection between the company brand, the employee brand and the employer brand. 

It’ll help our marketing team create authentic content that, in the hands of our employee advocates, will reach and influence way more of our target customers on social media than our company brand channels would.  (By the way, our employees prefer to share content written by their peers – our advocacy data shows it!) 

At the same time, it’ll help your HR team showcase the amazing people we have working here (for talent acquisition purposes) and develop a digital culture that our employees will be proud of and future talent will be attracted towards. 

That same Gartner survey I mentioned earlier found that organisations that succeed at connecting employees to their culture can increase employee performance by up to 37% and retention by up to 36%. 

So, what do you say?  Think it’s time we talked? 

Here’s hoping, 

Your Marketing Team 

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Published by Sarah Goodall July 12, 2022
Sarah Goodall