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Aug 24, 2021 Sarah Goodall

How We’re Evolving At Tribal Impact (Dots & Squiggles Included)

How We’re Evolving At Tribal Impact (Dots & Squiggles Included) compressed

Happy 6th birthday Tribal Impact! It’s hard to believe that in 2015, just several weeks after my youngest was born, I started a business called Tribal Impact. I had no ambition to grow an empire or float on the stock exchange. I started it because I felt passionately about the connection between helping employees build their personal brand online and the benefit that delivered to the company.

Little did I know that 6 years later I would be working with some of the best social media experts I know and supporting some of the biggest global B2B brands in the world. Pinch me please!

As with anything in life, we must evolve and develop to survive. Which is why, as we head into our 7th year, we took the opportunity as a team to explore “what does a post-pandemic world look like for us?”. We also reflected on why our customers choose to partner with us and what makes the relationships we have so special. We got back to basics.

The outcome is what you’ll see over the coming weeks but here’s a sneak preview…


The Tribal Impact Logo

We’re not changing our logo. It still represents what we’re about. Everybody has a tribe. Every business has a tribe. 






The Tribal Impact logo represents the amplifying power of employee networks. Each dot represents an individual within a company.

The word ‘impact’ is highlighted to represent the data driven approach we take to employee social media activation programs.

But the meaning of the logo has evolved in that we’re also focused on joining the dots. Many social media activation programs are run in isolation. For example, an employee advocacy tool is often not being used to support the sales team. Subject matter experts aren’t being connected to external influencers.

A lot of our work is now focused on joining the dots between individual programs - bringing social media to the heart of the organisation whilst tracking its impact.


Our Mission & Vision

When you’re a start-up entrepreneur, you don’t give too much thought to mission and vision. As a team we knew our direction. We felt it. However, as Tribal grew we needed to communicate our north star with more clarity.

New members joining the team need to understand our mission and vision, but we also need to have a reference point for our business strategy. It reminds us why we exist!


At Tribal Impact our Mission is to…


Help b2B brands strengthen trust, credibility & influence by activating their employee voices online.

We engage through training, enable through coaching and amplify through advocacy programs. 

We do this because we believe that communities live within the stories employees tell. 

By staying true to this purpose, we will achieve our Vision of…

Humanising brands, one employee voice at a time.


How We’re Evolving At Tribal Impact (Dots & Squiggles Included) blog image 1



The Tribal Way & F Words

The “Tribal Way” is how we do things – the foundations by which we operate. It’s how we behave, interact, enjoy our work and do right by our fellow members and our customers. More affectionately known as our “F words”, they’re here to guide us and remind why we're proud to be a little different. 

However, we had too many and struggling to remember them all, so we took some time as a team to revisit them, consolidate some and build a performance framework around them.

Here’s the final version – which three resonate most with you?



How We’re Evolving At Tribal Impact (Dots & Squiggles Included) blog image 2



Our Brand Identity

Fun. Fresh. Bright. Clean. These are the words we use to describe our identity. But we wanted to dig a little deeper into this and connect it back to our logo.

When you zoom in on our logo dots, you’ll see that each dot (employee) is different. The ‘sketched edges’ to our new identity represent the diversity and individuality that each employee brings to a business.

When it comes to employee advocacy, we don’t want to create a habit of robotic sharing – employees all sharing the same content at the same time. We want to help employees find their own voice on social media.

The ‘squiggled lines’ represents our agile spirit and innovative thinking at Tribal Impact. We’re always co-innovating with our customers. Testing, measuring and refining our processes.

Basically, we don’t do straight lines at Tribal.

Since starting Tribal, I’ve never bought a lined notepad. I’ve always bought sketch pads. I also love to sketch using the whiteboard on my laptop. 




They say change is a good as a rest. I’m excited for our next chapter at Tribal Impact. We have the best team ever, amazing customers who embrace our energy and I love our new look (which you’ll see trickling out over coming months).

I’d love to hear your feedback and comments. Please feel free to reach out over LinkedIn.



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About Tribal Impact

Tribal Impact is a B2B Social Selling and Employee Branding Agency.

We're a team of social media strategists, trainers, coaches, content creators and data analysts who are passionate about helping our B2B customers develop and scale their social selling and employee advocacy programs.

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Published by Sarah Goodall August 24, 2021
Sarah Goodall