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Apr 02, 2024 Donna Spencer

17 Employee Advocacy Tools Worth Checking Out

When an employee shares a piece of content, the click-through-rate is 2x higher than when it’s shared by a company page, according to LinkedIn. 

Their data also found that, on average, employees have 10x the connections that a company page has. 

More and more data is coming out about the power of employee advocacy. 

When we first started out, advocacy was a new concept and we had to educate people on what it was and how powerful it could be. Now, a lot of companies want to tap into the power of advocacy.

One of the keys to a successful employee advocacy program is the right tools. These make it easier for companies and employees to manage content and share it regularly. 

But what employee advocacy tools are available?   

Managing employee advocacy can be especially tricky because different businesses place advocacy under different functions. We’ve seen it under:

  • Marketing
  • Internal communications
  • Sales
  • HR

There’s no right or wrong answer to where it sits, but these differences can add an additional challenge to businesses wanting to expand into employee advocacy programs.

Some businesses place it under sales because they want to focus on social selling. This is the sales-focused version of employee advocacy.

It’s no wonder businesses are interested in it – the Edelman Trust Barometer found that people are 3x more likely to share company information shared by an employee than the same information shared by a CEO.

Employee Advocacy Is Way Bigger Than Just Social Selling

Every employee has the potential to influence a sale, no matter where they sit in an organisation. 

The receptionist who greets your customer; the marketing executive who manages your customers’ event registrations; the telephone operator who directs your customers’ calls. Everyone influences the customer experience and can connect people. 

A true social business recognizes the customer experience value that comes with enabling the entire workforce to build their professional brands online, provide content guidance, and support them in creating content if they wish to do so. 


Success Starts With A Strategy First 

Most of the folks out there leading the employee advocacy message are the companies that offer the tools to help the process run smoother.  They do this by making it easy for employees to share pre-approved content to their social networks. 

This is great for employers because they get to maintain some control through a centrally administered content distribution system. They can also see all the analytics behind it. 

This is great for employees because they can step into content sharing without worrying about sharing something that could be damaging for them or their employer.

17 Employee Advocacy Tools

Here are 17 employee advocacy tools available in alphabetical order: 

  1. Brandwatch
  2. DSMN8
  3. Employee Advocacy by Sprout Social
  4. Everyone Social
  5. FirstUp
  6. GaggleAMP
  7. Haiilo
  8. HootSuite Amplify
  9. Impartner
  10. LinkedIn “My Company” Tab
  11. PeopleLinx
  12. PostBeyond
  13. Seismic LiveSocial
  14. SoAmpli
  15. Sociabble
  16. SocialBook
  17. Sprinklr 

Most of them offer a demo, so you can get a feel for their features and how they could help the business. 


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Published by Donna Spencer April 2, 2024
Donna Spencer