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    4 Types of Content Your Employee Generated Content Plan Must Have

    According to the Content Marketing Institute around 50% of B2B marketers say they struggle to create content consistently. With this in mind, activating the authentic employee voice in your content marketing strategy can increase loyalty in your brand and social media reach at lower cost.

    By helping your employees understand the benefits of content creation; not only for boosting the company profile but also for establishing their individual professional brand, you will soon identify your Content Champions in your team that are interesting in contributing to your content strategy.

    Once you have identified employees in your company who are interested in contributing to your employee content strategy, here are 4 quick & easy employee generated content ideas you can create right away:

    1. Expert Videos

    Employees are company experts. They are often on the frontline of listening customer struggles and provide solutions to complex problems. Knowing your company and your customer, employees a great port of call to create step by step content to support your prospects and customers reach their desired income.

    Watch this example by Tribal Impact Founder, Sarah Goodall:


    Ignite your employee video strategy by:
    1. Asking your employees customer frequently asked questions.
    2. Aligning customer FAQs to your ideal customer personas and content pillars.
    3. Create short, problem-solving videos on each topic.

    1. Blog Posts

    B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not. On top of improving your sales pipeline, company experts are trusted 66% of the time compared to brand channels and senior leaders.

    By opening up your business blogging strategy, you can showcase your team of experts by empowering them to share expert advice that closely relates to your customer struggles and desired outcomes.

    Our team at Tribal Impact collaborate to provide solutions to our ideal customer problems through our B2B business blogging strategy. The Tribal Team has experienced backgrounds not only in Social Business, Employee Advocacy and Social Selling - but - Employee Engagement & Internal Communications, Business Blogging,  paid social media strategies, social listening and working in senior corporate positions allowing us to provide holistic expert advice to our audience and customers.

    Take a read of our employee blog posts; How to Secure C-Level Buy In For Your Employee Advocacy Program

    Kickstart your employee blogging strategy by:

    1. Identify key areas of expertise in your workforce.
    2. Similar to creating video content, collate your customer frequently asked questions to keep the content you create relevant to your ideal customer problems.
      3. Align FAQs to your ideal customer personas and content pillars.
      4. Download our Blog Post Planning Worksheet and share this with your team to outline their blog posts.

    Support Your Employees to Quickly Outline Blog Posts with our FREE Blogging  Worksheet

    1. Showcase Your Company Culture, People and Values

    A study by Wunderman showed that 89% are loyal to brands who share their values, by creating content that engages with touch points of each stage of the buyer journey, you build trust and relationships with your audience before the buyer need comes.

    89 of B2B buyers are loyal to brands who share their values.

    Leading with their mission to make business more human, Hubspot have a dedicated Hubspot Life Blog, Facebook Page and Instagram page dedicated to showcasing Hubspot Life.

    Get started showcasing your company culture and values by:
    1. Keep your company values front of mind by sharing them with your team.
    2. Create a blog post strategy for an event your company is attending - ensuring one employee creates an event write-up post.
    3. Write and share content on your company culture such as, team socials, retreats and charities you are supporting.

    1. Showcare Your Employee Expertise with Thought Leadership Blogging

    A LinkedIn survey of 6,000+ B2B buyers, marketers, and salespeople worldwide found that “buyers desire more expertise and consultation about the factors transforming their industries.” with seventy-five percent of would-be buyers saying thought leadership helps them determine which vendor to put on their short list. Thought leadership content can establish your knowledge to create influence and stay front of mind as your prospect goes through their buyer journey.

    On insights.tribalimpact.com we regularly share short-form thought leadership content on the latest industry trends, reports and insights via our commentary blogging tool. We source industry-related articles from our Employee Advocacy Platform and write short posts via Passle identifying key insights to share with our audience and customers via our employee and branded social media channels.

    Instantly create thought leadership content by:
    1. Sourcing industry-related articles.
    2. Sharing articles with your team.
    3. Engaging your Content Champions to share their insights & key takeaways from the industry-related articles.

    Support Your Employees to Quickly Outline Blog Posts with our FREE Blogging  Worksheet

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