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Apr 04, 2023 Aly Grenyer

12 Reasons Why Employees Should Invest In Their Personal Brand

Trying to get employees to participate in Employee Advocacy or Social Selling programs is no easy feat. No time. Not interested. Social media is for kids. I don’t like people. We’ve heard them all, and yes, that last one was an actual reason… - it’s real life!

Working within a social selling and employee branding agency, I joined a workforce that already engaged within the community and interacted to a high standard across social platforms. It’s embedded into what we do, but I also appreciate that it doesn’t come as second nature to others.

This blog explains the 12 key benefits of personal branding and along with practical ways you can boost your personal brand.

Social Media: What's In It For Me

For the first time ever, there are five generations within the workforce.  We're dealing with different motivations, learning styles and expectations.  

In fact, by 2025 27% of the workforce is expected to be made up of Gen Z (Zurich).

Any employee social media training program needs to start from the perspective of the employee.  Your employees will be asking "What's In It For Me" because ultimately, they need to prioritise where they invest their time.  After all, they have objectives and targets to reach.   

So, we've put together 12 reasons why your employees should invest in their personal brands.  It's designed to be a resource to help you position your Social Business Program and help employees understand the value of getting involved.

1 - The World Is Your Oyster

Investing in a personal brand can help employees expand their network and build relationships with others in their industry, providing support and advice beyond your physical location!

Top Tip: check your desk and drawers for old business cards of people who you are not already connected with.  

2 - Meet Likeminded Professionals

Just like meeting someone in person by chance, a strong personal brand allows the same chances to occur online. You just need to be involved in relevant conversations happening online to initiate these encounters.

Top Tip: follow a relevant group, past colleagues or other experts posting relevant articles

3 - Stay Front of Mind:  Create An Expert Profile

Most people only activate their networks when they need them but this often yields adhoc results with limited success. Stay front of mind with your networks online and manage relationships that yield long term success by post regularly online. 

Top Tip: follow a relevant group or other like-minded professionals, specialising in your field of interest.  

4 - Learn Something New

Social Networks are full of people with years of experience. Getting yourself online opens you up to the latest industry trends and allows you to continue to build your skills and knowledge with those who want to share their story.

Top Tip: find three new hashtags to follow today. This will ensure that topics you’re interested in will appear in your newsfeed.

5 - Bring Your CV To Life

Developing a strong online profile on LinkedIn enables you to produce a living CV – one that is constantly updated and optimised to reflect the professional brand you want to create. This makes you searchable both on Google and LinkedIn. 

Top Tip: when was the last time you reviewed your About section on LinkedIn profile? Try to write this in the first person. 

6 - Create A Good First Impression

Remember the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”? Your digital footprint is often the place where people are making their first impression of you.  Make sure you start off on the right foot.

Top Tip: did you know that you can add a small video to your profile on LinkedIn?

7 - Show And Tell

Establishing yourself as the go-to person in your industry involves showcasing your knowledge and expertise. Updating your online profile regularly demonstrates to your network that you are leading in your professional field.

Top Tip: focus on what value you can add, take the focus off yourself. It’s about sharing progress not perfection!

8 - Build Your Social Media Confidence

Developing your personal brand involves you understanding who you are – when you find your voice and your network responds positivity, you build confidence and credibility at the same time.

Top Tip: you don’t have to be an extrovert. As explained here by tech influencer Peter Marshall.

9 - Opportunity Finds You

When your personal brand is optimised, active customers, clients, vendors, press and partners, will find you and reach out. Let opportunities come find you – adopt an inbound approach to business.

Top Tip: go the analytics section of LinkedIn to check who has viewed your profile.

10 - Be an Apple in A Bowl Full Of Oranges

Social networks are boasting record figures of signups (2 new members joining LinkedIn every second) and getting your profile right is essential for becoming a standout connection. 

Top Tip: focus on what makes you different and what you value most.

11 - Turn the Tide

Developing your professional brand can help you create influence within your company. Connecting with fellow employees you don’t often meet in person, can expand your ability to positively change things within your company.

Top Tip: identify five new colleagues this week you can connect with.

12 - Change the World

Whether you are passionate about improving the way your company runs, working on a new technology to improve lives or simply want to help those in most need, it’s time to develop your professional brand to meet more people, learn more and create Impact.

Top Tip: follow the causes, charities, community projects that you are interested in.


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Published by Aly Grenyer April 4, 2023
Aly Grenyer