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Oct 14, 2016 Sarah Goodall

No Dad, I Don't Play On Facebook All Day!

No Dad, I Don't Play On Facebook All Day!.pngEver tried explaining your job to your parents? I'm normally okay with distilling complex messages into simple anecdotes - I've had 20+ years practice in the tech industry which has helped. However, when it comes to explaining my work in social media I often get "Ah, you play on Facebook all day" as I'm sure many social media marketers and community managers can relate to "No Dad, I don't play on Facebook all day!"

When I grew up it took 5 minutes to load Pac-Man...from a tape! There were only 3 channels to choose from on the television and telephone boxes were actually used to make phone calls - not WiFi hot spots or tourist attractions.

"I don't play on Facebook all day!"

Times have changed. Technology has moved on. I've mostly moved with it and, to some degree, so have my parents - especially my Dad. He's a silver surfing, bargain hunting, gadget shopper. Yet, when it comes to social media, a perception still exists that it's for 'home life' and not 'work life'.

So, in an effort to explain how social media can positively impact business I've put together a short video. For the record, I shared it with my parents and they've watched it a few times. I think they get it :-)

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Published by Sarah Goodall October 14, 2016
Sarah Goodall