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Bespoke Social Media Support for Leaders

When it comes to getting active on social media, many leaders don’t know where to start, how to organise their efforts or find the time. We have been supporting leaders to become active on social media in a variety of different ways.

Our offer combines four programs designed to meet you where you are and take your social activity to the next level.

Tribal Impact - Leadership Services
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Rentokil Initial
United VARs
Adviser Plus
Spirax Sarco
Tribal Impact Social Leadership Activation Reduce Reputational Risk

Flexible Structured Support Plans:

  • We’ll assess where you’re currently at, so we can offer the right mix of services. 
  • Full assessments, to identify other leaders within your business who are more likely to participate.
  • We’ll help establish you in your field of expertise, through your unique voice. 

  • Peace of mind that your reputation is protected and carefully managed.

Quote - Green Circle

“We wanted to activate our senior leaders to be more visible online and help them understand the value of their presence on social media. Tribal Impact worked with us to develop bespoke training for our executives. This enabled them with the knowledge of how to share and post authentically, as well as how this activity fits into their wider leadership and company brand strategy. With Tribal’s help we’ve been able to scale the program and this is currently being rolled out globally to great success.”  

Aileen Scriba, Henkel

  Profile Optimisation & Coaching Social Expert
Social Leadership

Thought Leadership

  LinkedIn and/or Twitter 6 or 12 month package 6 or 12 month package 1, 3 or 6 blogs package
Kick-off call (goals & objectives) Tick in circle Tick in circle Tick in circle Tick in circle
Profile optimisation Tick in circle Comparison Cross Comparison Cross Comparison Cross
Individual coaching 3 sessions Comparison Cross 3 or 6 sessions Comparison Cross
Content curation, post creation & scheduling Comparison Cross 1 LinkedIn post per week
3 tweets per week
1 LinkedIn post per week
5 tweets per week
Comparison Cross
Weekly engagement monitoring & management Comparison Cross Comparison Cross 10 - 20 engagements
Comments & interactions check
Comparison Cross
Monthly networking suggestions Comparison Cross Comparison Cross 10 connection suggestions
Comparison Cross
Monthly report Comparison Cross Snapshot report Full analysis report & recommendations
Comparison Cross
Blog Creation (500-600 words)
Comparison Cross Comparison Cross Comparison Cross Tick in circle
Pricing (Starting from)
UK Circle
£7,000 £11,000 £1,100
USA circle
$14,450 $1,450
EU Circle
€13,900 €1,400


Service - Social Selling Launch & Embed - Orange

68% of employees prefer to work for leaders who use digital and social media.

Source: Brunswick

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  • Discuss your goals
  • Confirm whether this is the right program for you
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