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Protect Brand Reputation And Manage Social Media Risk

Check Social Media Policy Understanding

Your social media policy is a great introduction to the do’s and don’ts. But how many of your employees truly understand the impact of their behaviour online? Packed full of quiz questions, your employees will learn through real life examples.

Protect Brand Reputation Online

The Social Practitioner course is focused on social media risk awareness.  It will enable your employees to recognise risk and know how to react.  It helps them protect both their, and your company’s, reputation online.

Inspire Employees With Social Confidence

This online course uses realistic scenarios so that learners can apply what they learn.  It’s interactive, engaging and includes several quiz questions to check that your employees understand the impact of their actions on social media.

“Only 45% of employees have a clear understanding of what they should and should not do on social channels when it comes to company-related topics”

Source: Altimeter Group, a Prophet Company

SocialPractitioner Course Overview

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand different types of social media.
  • Understand the importance of managing privacy settings.
  • Be aware of potential consequences and risks.
  • Understand how to protect their professional brand and employer brand.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Be able to safely and confidently participate on social media.
  • Appreciation of the risks of using social media at work.
  • Know when it is and is not appropriate to engage in conversations with others.
  • Be able to react to different scenarios with confidence.

Ideal For Organisations That:

  • Want to increase the level of social media awareness across the workforce.
  • Don’t have a social media policy in place.
  • Already have a policy in place but need confirmation that employees understand what it means.
  • Want to provide a fun and engaging experience.

Ideal For Professionals That:

  • Are a little unsure of social media etiquette.
  • Want to understand the differences between the major social media channels.
  • Have been active on social media for some time but want to refresh their knowledge.

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SocialExpert Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction To Social Practitioner
  • Lesson 1:  The business/personal divide
  • Lesson 2:  What is social media
Module 2: The Risks Associated With Using Social Media
  • Risk Scenario 1:  Personal IT and security risk
  • Risk Scenario 2:  Breach of privacy and data laws
  • Risk Scenario 3:  Confidentiality and intellectual property
  • Risk Scenario 4:  Brand and reputation damage
Module 3: Tips For Managing Risk
  • Lesson 1:  Geo-tagging settings
  • Lesson 2:  Passwords
  • Lesson 3:  Two-step verification
  • Lesson 4:  LinkedIn invitations
Module 4: Etiquette Tips For Social Media
  • Overview:  Identify yourself
  • Overview:  Be truthful
  • Overview:  Contribute
  • Overview:  Be respectful
  • Overview:  Own views
  • Overview:  Respect opinions
  • Overview:  Be aware of permissions
  • Overview:  Don’t talk financials
Module 5: Social Practitioner Quiz
  • 7 Question assessment

Pricing & Delivery Options

eLearning Social Practitioner

Hosted on our LMS
£ 13.00 /per person
  • 1 learner
  • 90 days access from user activation
  • User analytics & tracking
  • Assessment results



eLearning Social Practitioner

Hosted on our LMS
£ 10.50 /per person
  • 100+ learners
  • 90 days access from user activation
  • User analytics & tracking
  • Assessment results
  • Large volume discounts available

eLearning Social Practitioner

Hosted on your LMS
£8.45 /per person
  • 100+ learners
  • 1 year
  • User analytics & tracking through your own LMS
  • Assessment results through your own LMS
  • Re-branding of the course (free for 3000+ licenses)
  • Delivered in SCORM or Tin Can format
  • Large volume discounts available 

Why Choose The SocialPractitioner eLearning Program?


Professionally designed by eLearning experts so your employees enjoy the experience of learning.


Learners can dip in and out of their social media journey to fit their busy schedules and families.


Employee guided learning at a pace that suits them. Need more time to absorb? Be our guest.


Theory is great but without context, is pointless. We focus on examples and learning through storytelling.


All our lessons are less than 10 minutes long. Just enough time to eat a sandwich or drink a coffee!


Our training is packed full of demos, checklists, templates and guides. Lots of support along the way.


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