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    | 2 Month Service |

    Refresh Your Digital Profiles, Increase Your Influence & Attract Conversations

    Optimise Your LinkedIn & Twitter Profile

    Don’t leave your social media presence to chance. Actively manage your digital footprint to strengthen your digital credibility and ensure your audiences are positively influenced.

    Discover Your Why & Speak To Your Audience

    Transform your social media profiles in a way that speak directly to your target audience, optimised with keywords and hashtags that will get you found and build trust with your audience.

    Time Saving Tips To Optimise Your Time

    Accelerate your adoption of LinkedIn and Twitter with laser focused coaching support designed to get you established and influencing your target audience with content quickly and effectively.

    75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level executives use social media when making purchase decisions



    Optimisation Program Overview

    Whether your objective is to attract talent to your organisation or deepen relationships with your customers, your online profiles provides a digital first impression of you.

    This customised service will first understand your purpose and vision as a thought leader.  Utilising your tone-of-voice, well review your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and give recommendations on how these can be improved.

    Once your profiles are optimised, youll be enrolled onto our coaching program.  Every other week youll receive 1 hour with one of our Social Business Managers who will guide you through digital networking, developing your content strategy and how you can find and use content effectively.

    Your fast-tracked social coaching program is designed to give you time-saving tips to maintain your profiles  ideal for business leaders and your internal experts.

    Expected Outcomes: 

    • Increase quality follower count in an organic measured way (we don’t buy followers)

    • Recognition within the industry as social savvy thought leader

    • Identify and connect with external influencers within industry

    •  Deepen relationships with customers, employees and influencers
    • Identify and nurture your influential employees with a program
    • Increase your personal LinkedIn Social Selling Index to rank in the top percentile for your industry

    Ideal For Organisations That: 

    • Want to accelerate the social influence of expert employees

    • Need to build leadership and experts visibility on social media

    • Have small sales teams (< 25) and would benefit from tailored coaching

    • Have selected key sales individuals that need more advanced support

    Ideal For Professionals That: 

    • Need to build the professional profile quickly and professionally

    • Want to establish their credibility online as an expert and thought leader

    •  Feel they have tried themselves but need a structure and routine to follow
    • Have the desire to build their profile but not the time to get started
    social media profile optimisation
    Social Media Profile Optimisation & Coaching profile

    Companies with active leaders are perceived 23% more positively than those with inactive leaders

    Pricing & Delivery Options

    Social Media Profile Optimisation & Coaching
    £ 1,950 /per individual

    Month 1:

    • 1 hour discovery call to understand expertise and differentiating value
    • Profile optimisation for LinkedIn
    • Profile optimisation for Twitter
    • Creation of Client Passport sharing all findings and recommendations
    • First Coaching Session – 1 hour call focused on developing your digital network​


    Month 2:

    • Coaching Session 2 – 1hr call focused on creating a content strategy
    • Coaching Session 3 – 1hr call focused on sharing and engaging with content and time saving tips and tools​
    • Final Program Review along with the Tribal Coffee Cup Routine ;