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The Social Impact Program

A scalable, blended, social business training experience for employees. Ideal for organisations that want to enable their tribe to confidently use social media for brand advocacy & social selling.

Social Impact Program Blended Learning

Scalable Social Media Training For Employee Advocacy & Social Selling Programs

Match Learning Preferences

Having an employee social media training program that is flexible enough to support different learning preferences is essential.   The Social Impact Program is available as eLearning modules, live webinars, tailored workshops or a blend of each.

Scalable & Up-To-Date

Our Social Impact Program was born out of training thousands of employees.  We recognise that companies need a scalable, repeatable and current social media curriculum to support long-term social business goals.

Learning The Fun Way

Our program is built around a logical learning journey that takes employees from ‘social zero’ to ‘social hero’.  Each course is made up of short, interactive, scenario-based lessons, making the experience engaging for learners but most importantly fun.

 SocialImpact Quiz (Enterprise)
SocialPractitioner Course
SocialApprentice Course

Enterprise Social Impact Quiz:

Typically, the program will start with employees completing a 10-minute online quiz that will help them to understand their current social impact.  This quiz can also be used to identify the employees that are most interested in social business training and establish a benchmark which progress can be measured against.

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SocialPractitioner Course:

Social media has transformed the way your employees use the internet. It connects people around conversations and common interests.  But, with all good things come risks and these risks are at their greatest when people aren’t aware of them or able to recognise them.  Make sure your workforce understands the implications and impact of their social behaviour on their own brand and the company brand.

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SocialApprentice Course:

Social media is a noisy place to be unless you know what you’re trying to achieve.  This course has been designed to take employees through a step-by-step approach to building their professional identity online.   Primarily focused on LinkedIn, this course will help your employees build the right foundation for social business success.

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SocialExpert Course:

This course will introduce your employees to other tools, including Twitter, and help them efficiently use their time on social media to engage and share their expertise with their network.  Ideal for social sellers that need to stay front-of-mind with their prospects and customers.

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SocialMaster Course:

This full day instructor led course will transition your employees social brand from one of reputation to one of influence through content creation.  Ideal for subject matter experts and consultants who have the potential to differentiate the company brand by sharing their expertise and knowledge online.

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SocialMaster Course: