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Social C-Suite

How To Activate Your Leadership Team On Social Media

Learn how a socially active C-suite can increase brand recognition, employee engagement and trust from the public.


Companies with active leaders are perceived 23% more positively than those with inactive leaders.

With trust in brands at an all time low, now is the time to engage the C-suite to embrace social business.

However, according to Hootsuite research (2017) - Nearly 70% of executives still believe it’s risky to participate on social media. 

This eBook is designed to help you open up the conversation about social leadership and engage your C-suite in social activity through the following chapters:


  • Why the C-suite needs to take social media seriously
  • Why it's time to get your C-suite active on social media
  • What stops leaders from being social and how to counter these objections
  • What is a social executive?
  • Benefits of social leadership
  • Characteristics of social executives
  • What is a social leadership program?
  • Why build a social leadership program?
  • How to build an optimised LinkedIn profile
  • 5 examples of social leaders