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    Set The Foundation For Social Business Success

    Social Advocacy Starts Here

    The Social Apprentice course is packed full of effective strategies, techniques and tools to help your employees confidently optimise their profile online, build their network and start listening to relevant conversations on social media.

    Showcase Your Talent

    Helping your employees to build their own professional brand adds credibility and authenticity to the company brand.  The Social Apprentice course shows employees how to optimise their professional profile and build a core foundation network.

    More Ears To The Ground

    Social conversations happen all the time but finding them can be difficult.  Widen your social listening capabilities internally by showing your employees how they can find social conversations that are relevant and interesting to their role.

    “88% of employees use at least one social network for personal use and 50% already post about their employer online.”

    Source: Weber Shandwick

    SocialApprentice Course Overview

    Learning Objectives:

    • Recognise the risks and opportunities of using social media.
    • Understand the importance of managing privacy settings on social media sites.
    • Know how to optimise their LinkedIn profile using keywords.
    • Learn techniques and tools for social listening and content curation.

    Expected Outcomes:

    • Optimise employee LinkedIn profile with keywords, media and web links.
    • Develop effective strategies for building their core network.
    • Set up a tailored social listening dashboard.
    • Establish a daily “LinkedIn coffee cup” routine.

    Ideal For Organisations That:

    • Have identified employees that are keen to build
      their brand but don’t know how to start
    • Want to initiate a tiered employee advocacy
      training program but don’t have the time and/or
      expertise to build the program in-house
    • Have already bought an employee advocacy tool
      and want to increase utilisation rates

    Ideal For Professionals That:

    • Need to shift their LinkedIn profile from resume to reputation
    • Want to establish their credibility online as an expert

    SocialApprentice Curriculum

    Module 1: LinkedIn settings and your profile
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Review your LinkedIn settings
    • Lesson 2:  How active are you on LinkedIn today?
    • Lesson 3:  Modifying key LinkedIn settings
    • Lesson 4:  Profile fixes in less than 30 minutes
    Module 2: Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Optimise your LinkedIn profile
    • Lesson 2:  Choosing the right profile picture
    • Lesson 3:  Writing a high-impact headline
    • Lesson 4:  Your summary. Your story.
    • Lesson 5: Managing skills and endorsements
    • Lesson 6: Enhancing your profile further
    Module 3: Build Your LinkedIn Network
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Build your LinkedIn network
    • Lesson 2:  What kind of networker are you?
    • Lesson 3:  Building your core network
    • Lesson 4:  When to accept and reject invitations
    • Lesson 5: Networking etiquette on LinkedIn
    Module 4: Social Listening
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – Build a social listening dashboard
    • Lesson 2:  What social listening can do for you
    Module 5: Coffee cup routine and quiz
    • Lesson 1:  Introduction – The LinkedIn coffee cup routine
    • Social apprentice quiz

    Pricing & Delivery Options

    eLearning Course

    Social Apprentice
    £ 45 /per person
    • Unlimited learners
    • 90 days access from user activation
    • Templates, guides, checklists & demo videos
    • User analytics & tracking
    • Custom designed training portal (one-off fee of £800)
    • Volume discount available
    • Minimum quantity applies

    Live Webinar Series

    Social Apprentice
    £ 4,000 /per series
    • Max 80 learners
    • 3 live 1-hour webinars with active discussion
    • Bi-weekly installments
    • Recordings available for 30 days
    • Accompanying workbook

    Tailored Workshop

    Social Apprentice
    £1,625 /per workshop
    • Max 15 learners
    • 3-hour workshop on-site
    • Pre-workshop profile analysis
    • Content tailored to business
    • Accompanying workbook
    • Two workshops (full day) @ £2,325

    Why Choose The SocialApprentice eLearning Program?


    Professionally designed by eLearning experts so your employees enjoy the experience of learning.


    Learners can dip in and out of their social media journey to fit their busy schedules and families.


    Employee guided learning at a pace that suits them. Need more time to absorb? Be our guest.


    Theory is great but without context, is pointless. We focus on examples and learning through storytelling.


    All our lessons are less than 10 minutes long. Just enough time to eat a sandwich or drink a coffee!


    Our training is packed full of demos, checklists, templates and guides. Lots of support along the way.

    Ready to transform into a social business?

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