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Social Media Awareness eLearning

Reduce brand reputational risk and inspire social media confidence by giving your employees the baseline knowledge and digital skills needed to be safely active online

Tribal Impact Social Media eLearning
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Tribal Impact Social Media eLearning Reduce Risk

Want to activate your employees on social media without the risk?

This program is ideal if you...

  • Digital upskilling your employees is a priority for you

  • Employee digital activity has caused you reputational damage in the past

  • Leaders are risk averse and nervous about employees on social media

  • You want to educate employees around social media risk

  • You want to build social media confidence and create a digital culture

Quote - Green Circle

Tribal Impact helped us to launch our social selling program and offered bespoke training for our executives, sales and marketing teams. Using a blend of external expertise from Tribal and then following it up with internal reinforcement, we were able to successfully scale the program from one team to multiple business units. Using this strategy, the practices are now firmly embedded in our culture.

Stefan Hauck, Panasonic




Don't Miss Our New Employee Activation Workbook

Want to re-ignite your employee advocacy program?  Not sure how to connect the program to business growth?


Ensure employees understand the social media policy, not just viewed it

Our 20 minute interactive online course is engaging, fun and educational for employees and can be set up in as little as 2 weeks.
WIth interactive quizzes along the way, this eLearning ensures your employees not only know the policy but understand it, mitigating risk to brand reputation whilst building social media confidence.
Green - Timeline Approach - Week 1-2

Onboarding, requirements gathering and project planning

Green - Timeline Approach - Week 2-4

Customisations implemented, communications plan outlined, portal and reporting setup

Green - Timeline Approach - Week 4-5

Portal launch and testing

Green - Timeline Approach - Week 5-6

Employee launch and communicated

Consistent digital presence, without you having to remember

  • Extend brand reach by engaging with market influencers

  • Create an internal community through enablement and gamification

  • Accelerate your success by avoiding common program mistakes

  • Establish a measurement framework to demonstrate impact

  • Better utilise your existing licence investment and show ROI

Tribal Impact Social Media eLearning Consistent Presence



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Who Will Benefit?

If you’re responsible for accelerating the success of social media advocacy, let’s talk.  

For this service, we typically engage with roles such as:

  • Employee advocacy

  • Social media

  • Digital marketing

  • Employer branding

  • Influencer relations

  • Digital communications

  • Talent acquisition and recruitment

Quote - Green Circle

“68% of employees prefer to work for leaders who use digital and social media, rising to 82% among employees aged under 24”

Source: Brunswick

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