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Webinar: How To Increase Awareness, Credibility & Trust Through Employee Advocacy & Influencer Marketing

B2B Ignite - Tribal Impact & Onalytica

Relationships are everything when it comes to B2B business growth.  But how do you scale your reach and influence when you can’t physically meet your customers? 

How do you deepen the relationships with your existing customers and build trust with new ones at the same time?

With physical events going virtual and advertising less effective than ever how do you drive engagement with your target audience through internal and external experts?

With case studies from leading global brands, this webinar provides practical tips on how you can activate your employees’ voices on social media and scale your ability to influence conversations, build trust online and drive inbound business growth.


What you'll learn from this webinar:


  • Motivate, train and mobilise your employees to use social media
  • Create influence in the market via your Subject Matter Experts
  • Connect your internal experts to external influencers
  • Measure the impact across your entire business