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    | 1 Month Service |

    Optimise Your Employee Advocacy Investment

    Align Training Modules To Behaviours Shown

    Whilst most advocacy tools provide high level data, when you dig deep into the analytics you can target training at specific audiences based on the behaviours within the platform.

    Optimise Your Advocacy License Spend

    Do you really need the number of advocacy licenses you have? Employee advocacy analytics will help optimise your user license spend, redirecting budget to program management and training.

    Benchmark Your Program Alongside Other Companies

    Better understand how well your program is operating compared to other organisations, identify your influential employees and build a strategy for controlled advocacy growth internally.

    "After carrying out Onalytica & Tribal Impact’s audit we have now re-energised our program increasing the level of employee adoption and driving awareness, consideration and demand generation from our employee advocacy program."


    Employee Advocacy Optimisation Study Overview

    Our Employee Advocacy Optimisation Service has been designed for organisations that have invested in employee advocacy tools but want to optimise their program.

    Working with our partner, Onalytica, we’ll help you understand your level of social business maturity compared to your competitors, providing detailed actionable insights from LinkedIn, Twitter and your advocacy platform.

    We’ll dig deep into the data to highlight your top performing advocates, your social spammers who are potentially damaging your brand and work to understand your expert employee influencers in more detail.

    You’ll be given a detailed analysis including a report of our observations and recommendations.

    Expected Outcomes: 

    • Increase advocacy tool utilisation

    • Optimise (and maybe reduce) your investment in tool licenses

    • Increase content utilisation & performance within the platform

    • Identify and nurture your influential employees with a program

    • Increase website activity driven from employees

    • Improve conversion rate of employee driven traffic

    Ideal For Organisations That: 

    • Have already invested in an employee advocacy platform

    • Are seeing advocacy utilisation levels fall

    • Have launched a tool but want to relaunch a program

    • Want to optimise their existing advocacy investment

    • Are renewing their advocacy tool licenses

    Key Benefits: 

    • Establish your level of social business or advocacy maturity compared to your competitors

    • Revolutionise your marketing & comms by driving a connected organisation and employee-led buyer journey

    • Actionable insights from LinkedIn, Twitter and your employee advocacy tool

    • Analytical program review to drive the right culture & motivations for your employees

    • Operational review to analyse whether you have the right structure and team role & responsibilities

    • Increase lead gen & customer conversion through employee advocacy


    "Whilst only about 2% of employees re-share the content their companies share, they’re responsible for 20% of the overall engagement that content receives"

    Source:  LinkedIn

    Pricing & Delivery Options

    Employee Advocacy Optimisation Study
    £ 2,900 /per Study


    • 1 x 30 Minute onboarding call
    • 1 x Employee advocacy tool data export
    • 1 x Employee advocacy tool analysis & recommendations
    • 1 x Employee advocacy tool report

    *Access to Employee Advocacy tool needs to be granted