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    3-month program delivered as online webinars & 1-2-1 coaching

    We enable your existing social media champions, helping you scale targeted support without expensive contractors

    Say goodbye to headcount limitations 

    Even without hiring budget limitations, you can never hire fast enough to keep up with social media skill sets. We help you onboard and enable your internal evangelists to embed social media into the culture. 

    Globalised, yet localised

    We help you build a network of experts that delivers the best of both -a global standard training structure with niche expertise, local knowledge and cultural awareness. And ears on the ground that serve as a feedback channel.

    A cost-effective way to scale upskilling

    Negate the need to always hire external experts to deliver webinars and coach executives. We know how to establish an internal model that helps you create change from the ground up.

    On LinkedIn, there was a 63% increase in marketing jobs in the first half of 2021. 50% of the top jobs are in the Digital or Media space.

    Source: LinkedIn: 2021 Marketing Jobs Outlook


    A Train-the-Coach Style Holistic Social Media Activation Program


    This program isn’t a Train-the-Trainer program, focused on training people to stand up in front and deliver a 3-hour workshop. 

    It focuses on enabling your existing social media enthusiasts to deliver 1-2-1 support and champion the opportunities that social media brings to the workplace. They will learn how to enable their local executives and experts with targeted coaching, field questions, handle objections and become confident and influential social media ambassadors 


    Is it right for your organisation? 

    This program isn’t designed for those at the start of their social media activation journey. It’s for when you already have pockets of social media programs - such as social selling, employee advocacy and influencer marketing – and you want to scale your training under one holistic social media activation program. 

    You don’t need a ready team of marketing experts, though. We help you enable anyone who sees the value in social media to develop and be part of a transformation program, without it taking away from their day-to-day jobs. 


    Social Media Champions Program Details: All You Need to Know 

    We believe you shouldn’t need to speak to someone to get all the information you need and rule yourself in or out. So, read on to discover exactly what to expect, what’s included in our program and the pricing.  


    Learning Objectives:

      • Technical focus – Identify where your employees are on their social media maturity journey, understand their next step and confidently apply guidance to each stage. 

      • Skills focus – How to run a coaching session, structuring calls, keeping on track, managing questions and objection handling. 

      • Influencer focus – How to help employees create influence through content, engage with external influencers and utilise Twitter to strengthen reach. 

      • Coaching sessions – Reviewing a set of coachees, shadowing coaching calls, providing feedback and additional support to embed coaching style.

    Ideal For Organisations That: 

    • Be a confident and proficient coach for others
    • Identify and analyse profile optimisation opportunities quickly
    • Identify influencers and subject matter experts for coaching
    • Know how to prepare for a coaching session
    • Understand how to build rapport with others
    • Proficiently deliver coaching sessions
    • Know how to provide feedback
    • Be equipped to handle objections and answer questions


    Ideal For Organisations That: 

    • Want to build a central centre of excellence for advocacy

    • Need to scale their social media advocacy program 

    • Require a cost-effective way to upskill their employees 

    • Want a consistent approach to social coaching 

    • Need to scale a global program with local skills & insights 


    What's Included

    3 x 1 hour training webinars 

    Webinar 1: Technical Focus 

    • Program overview 
    • Your champions’ coaching role 
    • The social media maturity model 
    • Assessing your coachee’s next step 
    • Monitoring progress & success 
    • Summary & next steps 

    Webinar 2: Skills Focus 

    • Program recap 
    • Coaching vs training 
    • How to run a session 
    • Keeping your coachee engaged 
    • Objection handling 
    • Summary & next steps 

    Webinar 3: Influencer Focus 

    • Program recap 
    • Understanding influence 
    • Getting on an influencer’s radar 
    • Using Twitter to influence 
    • Using LinkedIn to influence 
    • Summary & next steps 
    5 x 1 hour coaching sessions
    • Session 1: Review first set of coachees
    • Session 2: Shadow first coaching call
    • Session 3: Post coaching feedback
    • Sessions 4 & 5: Additional support to embed behaviours change 

    Pricing & Delivery Options

    Champions Coaching Program

    £ 1,950 /per champion (minimum 5)

    This cost-effective yet high touch approach will onboard and enable your internal evangelists to help embed social media across your organisation.

    Each candidate will learn via training webinars, eLearning, 1-2-1 coaching and feedback.

    • 1 x 45 Minute onboarding call
    • 3 x 1 Hour webinars including:

    Webinar 1: Technical Focus

    Webinar 2: Skills Focus

    Webinar 3: Influencer Focus

    1 x License to 20+ eLearning modules

    5 x 1 Hour coaching sessions


    Do You Want To Scale Social Media Expertise Quickly and Cost-Effectively?