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Nov 10, 2020 Tribal Impact

Why LinkedIn Company Pages Still Matter (And How To Make Them Deliver)

Employees have 10x the connections of a LinkedIn company page’s followers and their shares are deemed 3x more trustworthy and have a 2x higher CTR. It’s therefore easy to fall into the trap of neglecting your LinkedIn company page.

We're firm advocates of employees developing their personal brand on LinkedIn. Social selling statistics show that sellers active on LinkedIn significantly outperform their peers for lead generation, pipeline generation and revenue growth, and more. And employee advocacy statistics demonstrate a compelling case for activating employees to generate revenue, build trust and attract more talent.

LinkedIn company pages should always work to complement any such strategies - they offer distinct benefits too. Read on for why your LinkedIn company page needs to be more than a services explainer and our seven tips for maximising your results.


5 Reasons Not To Neglect Your LinkedIn Company Page


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You could have a loyal tribe of social influencers whose SSI scores are in the top 5% of their industry, but there are still compelling reasons to also focus on your LinkedIn company page.


1. You Can Build A Community

LinkedIn members are becoming more selective about where they seek their information. By sharing your business news, jobs and quality relevant industry insights, you can build a community that seek your page out over a LinkedIn group with little quality filters.


2. It's An Essential Component Of Recruitment Marketing

LinkedIn began as a job seeking network, so company pages are one of the first places candidates will look to discover live vacancies and what it’s like to work for you.


3. An Unused Company Page Gives A Bad Impression

A neglected page with little more than basic information, or zero to low activity levels, doesn’t portray a professional organisation. And it certainly doesn’t convey the kind of leading, forward-thinking company that people would want to do business with or work for.


4. Your Page Shows Up In Brand Name Search Results

Company pages show up high in Google search results for brand name searches. They should therefore support your brand message and reputation, not dilute it with an uncompelling services description or a low following.


5. Your Audience Expects And Seeks Announcements From Your Page

If people are serious about working with or for you, they want to discover your latest news. Your page is the perfect place to share new partnerships, products, services and job vacancies.


7 Best Practices For LinkedIn Company Pages


Why LinkedIn Company Pages Still Matter (And How To Make Them Deliver) blog image 2


1.Optimise Your LinkedIn Company Page

To help your LinkedIn company page look professional and show up on search results, it's vital to optimise your page by:

  • Choosing a relevant category
  • Filling in your company details, such as industry and number of employees
  • Choosing a good URL
  • Using your company logo
  • Writing a compelling and keyword-rich tagline and company description
  • Adding your location
  • Using relevant hashtags
  • Adding a banner image
  • Experimenting with custom CTA buttons

If you need practical advice on how to do so, Hootsuite has put together step-by-step instructions on how to create optimise your LinkedIn company page.


2. Showcase Your Culture

Your company page is the ideal place to share your culture. Why not share photos of team bonding sessions, videos showing day-to-day office (or homeworking!) life, or employees' opinions on key topics?

Tip: When showcasing your culture, video and photo compilations are always a great way to provide a rich glimpse into your culture in just 30-60 seconds.


3. Share Exciting News

Company awards, new partnerships and internal promotions are all part of your story. Sharing it to your company page is a way of celebrating these success stories with your employees to increase their engagement. It’s also relevant and newsworthy for your clients or prospects if you communicate how it will benefit them.


4. Promote Educational Content Offers & Events

Content offers and live/in-person events are an integral part of awareness and lead-generation campaigns(albeit in-person events may be on hold for the foreseeable). A company page may not expand your organic reach much more, but it does allow you to target your followers with LinkedIn ads, without them drowning in an ever-changing news feed.


5. Use Interactive Polls

LinkedIn introduced polls back in May 2020 and they've become a popular way to engage with your audience and gauge insights. There's a limit of four answer options but you're likely to gather more than just quantitative data as many people who vote then explain why (or suggest an alternative option).

Tip: Why not discover what topics your community wants to see more of, gauge their views on topical issues or even try more light-hearted questions (if it fits your brand)?


6. Remember To Share Others' Content

Even though it’s your company page, social etiquette still applies. To build a company page that’s useful and interesting for your followers, remember to share educational content created by others - ideally before others do so. So, if a new industry report or influencer “ultimate blog/guide” has come out, try to be the first to review it and summarise the useful insights it provides.


7. Keep Your Content Varied

A LinkedIn company page full of text-only posts or links to content can soon become dull (even if it’s useful). And it’s certainly not as appealing for potential followers who are checking your page. So just like with all social media, experiment with a mix of text-only posts, image-only posts, videos, infographics and document uploads.



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Published by Tribal Impact November 10, 2020