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Apr 15, 2021 Estefano Ramirez

What Is Inbound Marketing And How Can It Help Small And Medium Sized B2B Companies?

What Is Inbound Marketing And How Can It Help Small And Medium Sized B2B Companies? header

Simply put, Inbound Marketing is an approach that helps potential customers easily find your company throughout their respective buying journey. 

It’s a great approach that sifts out hot and cold leads. Most importantly, it stops you from having to do any unwanted and soul-destroying cold calling.  

I’ll be writing a series of around 10 short blogs about Inbound Marketing that should help you fully understand and apply the approach to your own company. Be sure to connect with me directly and/or follow our company page to stay up to date with the latest blog releases or to ask me any questions! 


Let’s Dissect The First Part Of The Definition Of Inbound Marketing 

An approach that helps bring potential customers to you:  

By creating valuable content and relevant experiences, potential customers are able to find your company online. If your content is worthy enough, prospects will swap their contact details for your valuable content. Once they’ve provided you with their detailsyou are able to embark them on a journey (creating a relevant experience for them) which will lead them to your ultimate goal: a sale. 



Content Is At The Heart Of The Inbound Marketing Approach 

As the old saying goes:  

“Content is king” 

Without great content you’re unable to successfully apply this approach. The goal of great content is to position your brand as an expert, which will provide your company with enough credibility and trust in order for your website visitors to feel comfortable enough to share with their contact details with you. 

Whilst content indeed is king, great content alone isn’t able to produce the ultimate goal: a sale.  

Great content will help you with the first big step, which is to trade the potential customer’s contact details for your valuable content.  

Once a potential customer has provided you with their contact details, you will embark them on their relevant experience.  


What Is Inbound Marketing And How Can It Help Small And Medium Sized B2B Companies? blog image 1


What Providing A Relevant Experience Means 

When you embark a potential customer on a journey (also known as lead nurturing), you are simply curating a series of relevant content and facilitating it to them in an automated workflow in a timely manner. 

For this to be successful, you need to truly understand your customer journey and know at which point your prospect is in. I will cover the topic of lead nurturing and customer journey on a separate blog, stay tuned! 

With all of this in mind, you should have a pretty solid idea of how the inbound marketing approach can help your small or medium sized company. However, lets delve a little bit deeper. 


How The Inbound Marketing Approach Can Help Your SMB Grow 

Small and medium sized companies are notorious for having disconnected marketing and sales teams.  

Marketing and sales professionals have different philosophies on how both units should work.  

My philosophy is that both should work together to achieve a common goal, growth 

Marketing pulls their weight by attracting prospects and providing them with relevant digital experiences, which then convert into leads. These leads are then delivered to the sales team. Sales is then in charge of getting the lead to buy, ultimately converting them into a customer. Thus, achieving growth!  

We’re all familiar with the mild friction between marketing and sales departments.  

When sales don’t occur, sales blames marketing for not providing them with good enough leads and marketing blames sales for not being good enough at selling. 

The beauty of the inbound marketing approach is that you are able to filter your prospects by the level of buying intent or stage of their respective customer journey. This means there is less or no more arguments between marketing and sales on the quality of the leads or how good sales are at their job! 

Of course, with the right frameworks in place you will be able to sift out the ones who are ready to speak to a salesperson and buy from you, and the ones who are not ready for you to reach out, therefore it goes back into nurturing mode. Again, I will cover this topic in more detail in a separate blog. 


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Additional Benefits Of The Inbound Approach 

Other key benefits of the inbound marketing approach, which can help your company grow, are the endless opportunities presented by positioning your company as an expert in your industry. These opportunities come as partnerships, speaking at conferences, guest blogging, invitation to podcasts, etc.  

Thanks to our inbound approach, we’ve actually partnered with some huge names in the social media world. And the beauty of it all is that they approached us.  

This will be one of many blogs I will be writing on the inbound marketing approach that will go into detail on how it can help your company grow and how to implement the concept.  


If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about the inbound marketing approach, just send me a message!  


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Published by Estefano Ramirez April 15, 2021
Estefano Ramirez