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Tribal Blogging...The Changing Face Of Marketing and Communications

Tribal Bloging...The Changing Face of Marketing and Communications

Welcome to my first blog post!  I've been blogging for some time already - just not about this topic!  Since moving to Oslo, Norway in May 2009 I've been writing about anewlifeinnorway, the fantastic nature and unique culture that Norway has to offer.  As part of the move my employer, SAP, supported my transfer and gave me a new role focusing on all things internal ~ marketing and communications, engagement and branding.  What makes the role even more interesting is that it covers Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

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I have a HUGE passion for people.  I've managed teams throughout my career and am fascinated by what drives employees...their motivations, their career aspirations and their passions.

I also love the creative world of branding, marketing and communications.  I've spent 14 years in the fast moving industry of technology marketing.  It is a complicated world of "techy speak" but as marketers, we have to make it understandable - not just for customers and prospects but for employees too!

Put the two together and throw in the "out of control" broadcast channel called social media and you have what I believe to be the most exciting shift in marketing and communications for a long time.   This blog aims to explore these tribal elements and the impact they have on employees, leaders, HR and organisations as a whole.

If this sounds interesting to you...follow my tribe on the right hand side!  Read more about me and my background by clicking "About" along the top and find out more about employee advocacy.



Download our FREE Employee Advocacy Workbook and learn how to plan an advocacy  program in 8 simple steps.

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