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Calling Social Media Leaders, Champions & Pioneers: Have Your Say!

Calling Social Media Leaders, Champions & Pioneers Have Your Say


I love working with big thinkers. Those that recognise the opportunity social media presents across the organisation and not just in isolated pockets of Social Selling, Social Media Marketing, Employee Advocacy or Social Recruitment.  They are Social Business pioneers and in my experience, they're quite a rare breed because...

  • They’re quietly wading through a stack of social data to spot trends and refine strategies. 
  • They often deliver the same social media training to internal audiences over and over to the point they could deliver it in their sleep. 
  • They take the knockbacks and listen to the nay-sayers but soldier on regardless.
  • And they nod and smile politely when people respond to their job title saying “oh, you get to play on social media all day for a job?!”

But how do you learn when you’re at the top of your game? How do they stay ahead of trends, platform updates, and new technologies? 

Well, that’s what we’d like to find out. 

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We’ve partnered with Susan Emerick whom I consider a pioneer of Social Business. She was advocating a holistic approach to social employee activation at IBM way before it became trendy. 

I’ve admired Susan for a long time. Her book altered the direction of my career and I was lucky enough to meet her for afternoon tea at Kensington Palace some months back with my family.

Susan is working on a Master's degree at Michigan State University and doing some research for her thesis about the preferred learning method of professionals leading social business-related programs.


So, if you’re responsible for Social Selling, Employee Advocacy, Social Recruitment or Social Media Marketing she would love to get your contribution to this survey

Thank you!


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