Social Selling Workshops

Today’s customers are 57% of the way through their purchase process before they contact a supplier – they’re essentially cutting suppliers out of their learning journey and getting more and more of their information from outside sources (Source: CEB Research).

About the Program

Social selling is about developing new and creating stronger relationships with buyers using social technologies.

When 74% of buyers buy from the rep that provides value and insight, sales teams need to focus on delivering content that provides value to the buyer’s journey.  Less “Selling” and more “Helping”.

This half-day workshop will gets you and your team up to speed with Social Selling to create more opportunities, build a referral network and encourage customer advocacy.

This is a practical session – attendees are expected to bring their laptop to the session and start their social selling journey in the room.

Attendees leave with a customer-centric profile on LinkedIn, learn the skill of networking within the platform, formulate strategies for building relationships and be introduced to the power of Twitter as a social selling tool.

Ideal for Sales Leaders who need to…

Build a social selling team that works together and not individually.

Improve the customer experience and strengthen brand recognition.

Drive demand generation by aligning content marketing with social selling.

Understand what the sales team needs to enhance their social effectiveness.