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    Full-Day Workshop | Online Webinar Series

    Customised Workshops To Suit Your Team

    Introduce The Value Of Social Selling 

    Excite your team and leave them feeling motivated and energised to invest their time in Social Selling.  Explain how new techniques will help them attain quota, drive pipeline and speed up sales cycles.

    Practical Tasks Designed To Build Online Confidence

    Accelerate adoption by getting your team comfortable using the key elements of digital selling from searching and profiling to engaging and sharing.

    Beyond Product: Learn Top Social Selling Tips & Tricks 

    You've bought LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  You've watched the product training.  Now what?   Go beyond the product to learn how top Social Sellers optimise their time using LinkedIn and other tools.

    "Organisations using Social Selling have seen a 10%–20% increase in win rate, 20%–30% acceleration in cycle time, and a 10%–15% increase in revenue"

    Source: KISSMetrics


    Social Selling Workshop

    According to Forbes, nearly 79% of salespeople who use social media to sell outperform those who don’t.  Developing digital selling skills within your team is an excellent way to ensure you stay competitive

    Social Selling allows your sales team to enter the buying cycle early, influence the decision-making process, limit competitive involvement, reduce deal closure times and even increase the deal size.   We'll help you define these objectives before stepping into the room so that you can monitor progress and demonstrate ROI.

    Practical Training That Will Embed Behaviour Change

    Our Social Selling workshop is ideal for those teams that want to extend network reach and deepen customer relationships.  We will help your team drive a competitive edge by shifting from resume to reputation on LinkedIn.  

    Your team will benefit from the experience and knowledge we've gained from working with top Social Sellers around the world.  We bring the content to life, sharing stories and examples of where these techniques have driven fiscal results.

    Tailored To Your Organisation

    Our content is fully customised to your organisation.  We research your team and your competitors before-hand and embed relatable examples throughout the training.  

    Invested in LinkedIn Sales Navigator (LinkedIn SN)?  Not a problem.  We easily adapt our workshop to weave this tool throughout our curriculum.  Perfect for teams that have received the LinkedIn product training but want scenario based training for context.

    Workshops Or Webinars:  The Choice Is Yours

    Our workshops are engaging, interactive and outcome driven - laptops and phones are essential.  Your team will leave with fully optimised profiles and feeling confident to apply the techniques learned once they walk out the room. 

    However, we understand that not everyone can be in the same place at the same time so we've adapted our program to a flexible series of remote working sessions.  With interactive chat, live working demos and structured "homework" we ensure that attendees on the virtual sessions are held to account before joining the next session in the series.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Understand the importance of managing privacy online
    • Know how to optimise their LinkedIn profile using keywords
    • Understand how to spot LinkedIn engagement opportunities
    • Know how to use LinkedIn Groups to best effect
    • Understand how to stay front-of-mind via content sharing
    • Build out connections with referral requests
    • Craft InMails and connection requests that convert
    • Identify influencers using Smart Link presentations

    Expected Outcomes: 

    • Significantly increase LinkedIn SSI scores across the team
    • Create customer-centric, keyword optimised LinkedIn profiles
    • Influence buying decisions earlier
    • Reduce deal cycles and increase close rates
    • Create qualified opportunities through inbound enquiries
    • Increase website traffic and download conversion
    • Boost social media confidence within a sales environment
    • Expand network potential through digital referrals

    Ideal For Organisations That: 

    • Have found themselves entering deal cycles too late
    • Are struggling to set appointments and meetings
    • Are keen to embed behaviours into existing sales processes
    • Need to better utilise existing LinkedIn Sales Navigator licenses
    • Wants to drive better conversion on the website by aligning Social Selling with Content Marketing
    • Wish to deepen customer/prospect relationships using content

    Social Selling Workshop:

    Introduction to Social Selling
    • Impact of digital technologies
    • Understanding the modern buyer
    • The impact on the sales funnel
    • What this means for the buyer
    • What this means for sales
    • LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)


    Adjust Your LinkedIn Settings & Privacy
    • Protect your brand & connections on LinkedIn
    • Review advertising preferences
    • Setting up email notifications & alerts
    • Optimise your profile visibility online
    • Review your network visibility settings
    • Setting your sales preferences*
    • Optimising alerts and email notifications*
    • Syncing app to calendar*

    * LinkedIn Sales Navigator Only

    Create A Customer Centric Profile
    • Fix the basics in 30 minutes
    • Transition from resume to reputation
    • Write a bio/summary that converts into connections
    • Visually optimise your profile for first digital impact
    • Embed media to help educate your buyer
    • Create actionable steps to guide your buyer
    • Optimise with keywords & phrases for search
    • Request recommendations that speak to your buyer 
    • Strengthen search using Skills & Endorsements
    • Know how to recognise if your profile is working
    Finding & Profiling Prospects Online
    • Expand your network within customer accounts (AEs)
    • Identify prospect accounts that fit your region (SDRs)
    • Advanced search techniques to optimise your time
    • Lead and account searching*
    • Identify purchase influencers within prospect accounts
    • Competitive searching for insight
    • Profiling routines & tools 
    • Pre-research to understand buyer profile
    • Discover buyer cares and concerns
    • Identify conversation starters
    • Saving leads, lists & searches*
    • Utilising Spotlight to focus your search*
    • Using tags and notes to segment buyers*

    *LinkedIn Sales Navigator only

    Engaging & Connecting Techniques
    • Degree of connections explained & where to focus
    • Building your network beyond known connections
    • Steps to take before reaching out
    • Identifying engagement triggers
    • Using warm introductions and referral requests
    • TeamLink for internal referrals*
    • How to use InMail to best effect*
    • Customising connection requests
    • Networking do's and don'ts
    • When to accept.  When to reject.

    *LinkedIn Sales Navigator only

    Nurturing Your Network With Content
    • Content mix that work best on LinkedIn
    • Sourcing industry related content that converts
    • Best practice sharing tactics
    • Using hashtags and @mentions to reach your audience
    • Frequency of content content sharing
    • Best times to reach your target buyer
    • Smart sharing techniques to save you time
    • Engagement strategies to progress the conversation
    Identifying Engagement Triggers
    • Introduction to engagement triggers
    • Recognising the different types
    • Know how to react and engage 
    • Know when not to react and engage
    • Using Alerts as triggers*
    • Build into your daily routine

    *LinkedIn Sales Navigator only

    Social Selling "Coffee Cup Routine"
    • 15 minute routine designed for the coffee break
    • Easy to remember - quick to execute
    • Mobile friendly for on-the-road sales teams
    • Works all aspects of SSI score
    • Coffee cup challenge - 1 week
    • Specific LinkedIn SN routine*

    * LinkedIn Sales Navigator only

    "98% of reps with 5,000 or more LinkedIn contacts reach or surpass their sales quotas, versus just 52% of those with fewer than 250 contacts".

    Source:  The Sales Benchmark Index

    Pricing & Delivery Options

    Social Selling Workshop (Full Day)

    Max 15
    £ 7,950 /per workshop
    • 1 x 45 Minute onboarding call
    • 1 x Set of invitation templates
    • 1 x Analysis of workshop attendees
    • 1 x 7 Hour workshop covering:

    Introduction to Social Selling

    Crafting a customer-centric profile

    Digital networking 101 

    Strengthen credibility with buyers through content                 

    Maximising LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting               

    Optimising InMail for success 

    Creating Smart Links for early prospecting     

    Social Selling Coffee Cup Routine 

    • 15 x 30 Minute follow-up coaching sessions
    • 15 x Licenses to 20+ eLearning modules Project management
    • Includes UK travel and expenses (within 3 hours of London)
    • Optional Extra's

      Workshop delivered in customer PPT template. 

    • Workshop lasts 7 hours. Delivered on customer site (unless otherwise agreed) and delivered by a Tribal Certified Trainer.  Includes delivery in Tribal impact PPT designed template, copies of the slides in PDF format provided afterwards. Max 15 attendees.



    Social Selling Webinar Series

    80 Learners
    £ 10,650 /per series
    • 80 learners*
    • 5 live webinars (1 hour) with active discussion
    • Bi-weekly instalments (10 weeks total)
    • Recordings available for 30 days
    • Live demos with team profiles/prospects
    • Structured tasks to complete each week

    *Please enquire for price for larger number of learners.

    Social Selling Coaching Hours

    10 - 20 - 30 hour blocks
    £2,550 /per 10 sessions

    Many of our customers choose to embed the learning further by adding on a set of specialist coaching hours. 

    We will book the session directly with your sales reps and target our support where they need it most including:

    - Optimising their profile
    - Discovering prospects
    - Profiling accounts
    - Crafting introductions
    - Etc.

    Available in larger blocks:
    - 20 sessions (£4,950)
    - 30 sessions (£7,300)