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    |  6 Month Social Selling Enablement Program|

    Grow & Embed A Digital Selling Culture

    Maximise Your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Investment

    Ensure your sales teams understand how best to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator so they confidently adapt its features to the needs of their role e.g. Account Management or New Business.

    Embed Social Selling Behaviours Over Time

    Launch the digital sales journey with a workshop, followed up by coaching sessions with experts where target accounts can be explored and learning is embedded and extended.

    Scale Adoption Via Social Selling Champions

    Create a scalable way to spread Social Selling success across your team through internal mentoring.  Enable your social champions to easily nurture others via an easy-to-follow framework.

    "84% of B2B buyers are now using referrals to start their company's procurement process"

    Source: Harvard Business Review


    Social Selling Launch & Embed Overview

    Program Overview

    What percentage of your LinkedIn Sales Navigator users have an SSI of above 70?  Social Selling leaders (with an SSI of 70 and above) create 45% more opportunities and are 51% more likely to achieve quota.  We often engage with organisations that have invested in LinkedIn but are not seeing the expected return. 

    The Social Selling Launch Program is a 6-month structured set of activities designed for organisations that are launching Social Selling for the first time, or want to maximise their existing investment.

    Our Social Selling Enablers are experienced at launching, optimising and running Inbound Selling programs.  Learn from our experience and expertise, so that you can scale adoption over time within your organisation.

    We believe in establishing long-term success through encouraging behaviour change.  We will partner with you to understand your business and make sure your teams are equipped to adapt the tools to fit their roles using our easy-to-follow "Coffee Cup" routines.

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    What's Included:

    • Dedicated Social Selling Enabler support from Tribal Impact
    • Enterprise Social Media Maturity Quiz for sales team
    • 1 day workshop for up to 12 people/champions
    • Telephone coaching sessions
    • Social Selling webinar masterclasses 
    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator analytics support
    • Social Selling tips, tricks and email templates

    Expected Outcomes: 

    • Increase the average LinkedIn Social Selling Index of your team
    • Increase revenue from existing customer accounts
    • Shorten sales cycles by steering the buyer journey 
    • Identify purchase influencers within target companies
    • Establish routines tailored to sales role e.g. account management vs business development
    • Reduce the impact of competitors by entering the buyer journey earlier 
    • Increase inbound lead conversion rates
    • Establish an expert driven approach to sales and marketing

    Ideal For Organisations That: 

    • Are keen move to a trusted adviser selling approach
    • Are finding themselves increasingly competing on price and struggling to sell value
    • Are noticing sales cycles are lengthening and close ratios are decreasing
    • Want a quick and easy routine for their sales teams to follow so they can digitally nurture prospects online  
    Ideal For Sales Professionals That:
    • Are looking to optimise their LinkedIn profile to start attracting prospects and customers through search
    • Need to establish their credibility online as an expert
    • Want to nurture prospects earlier in the funnel without using traditional outbound tactics e.g. cold calling

    Social Selling Launch & Embed Timeline:

    Social Selling Kick-off Meeting
    • 3-hour kick-off meeting to:
      • Review existing sales metrics
      • Set Social Selling objectives
      • Confirm workshop attendees
      • Assess your sales team setup - new business vs key account managers
      • Prepare a list of existing customers
      • Review competitors on LinkedIn
      • Agree a target set of keywords
      • Plan customisation of workshop material
    Launch Phase 1
    Enterprise Social Impact Quiz:
    • Review Social Impact quiz to include two customised questions
    • Launch quiz online - 15 days
    • Analyse results and adapt training material
    Launch Phase 2
    1 day Social Selling workshop (including LinkedIn Sales Navigator)
    • Adjust your LinkedIn settings & privacy
    • Create a customer-centric profile 
    • Finding & profiling prospects online
    • Engaging & connecting via InMails & referrals
    • Identifying warm triggers
    • Nurturing your network via sharing & engagement
    • Social Selling Coffee Cup Routine
    Monthly Social Selling Support
    • Post workshop telephone coaching sessions
    • Monthly webinar masterclasses
    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator analytics support
    • Social Selling email templates 
    • Review progress against benchmark and objectives

    "74% of buyers choose the sales rep that was first to add value & insight to their buyer journey"

    Source:  Corporate Visions

    Pricing & Delivery Options

    Social Selling Launch & Embed Program

    6 Month Program
    £ 3,735 /per month for 6 months
    • 1 x 1 Hour onboarding call – agree objectives, timelines & key dates
    • 1 x Initial audit/report of Sales Navigator report
    • 2 x Hours per month for reporting analysis & consulting
    • 1 x 1 Hour Taster Webinar introducing sales to Social Selling
    • 5 x 1 Hour webinars delivered every two weeks from agreed start date
    • Webinar 1: Introduction to Social Selling & profile optimisation - Part 1
    • Webinar 2:  Crafting a customer-centric profile - Part 2 & introduction to digital networking
    • Webinar 3: Strengthen credibility with buyers through content
    • Webinar 4: Maximising LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting
    • Webinar 5: Advanced tips & Social Selling Coffee Cup Routine 
    • 3 x Email bulletins including tips & tricks
    • 30 x Social Media Micro eLearning Modules (Tribal Hosted)
    • 30 x 1 Hour coaching sessions to support and embed behaviour change
    • 2 x Social Impact reports - before and after a program to show sales improvement
    • 5 x Delivery & follow up emails for each webinar (including feedback link, recording and PDF copy of the slides) Project management
    • Optional: Registration page setup & attendee reporting (Zoom). Content delivered in company PowerPoint template.
    • Each session lasts up to 1 hour.  Includes delivery in Tribal impact PPT designed template, copies of the slides in PDF format provided and video recordings provided afterwards. Hosted via Tribal Impact Zoom (unless otherwise agreed) and delivered by a Tribal Certified Trainer. Max 90 attendees.


    LL henkel

    Laura Lamard

    Global Social Selling Manager @
    Henkel Adhesive Technologies




    We achieved our target sales pipeline from social selling in half the time forecast.

    Already, 13% of this pipeline has converted into sales, far quicker than our typical 2-4 year sales lead times.

    Importantly, you have coached the internal project champions and embedded the knowledge that will continue to build on these initial results.