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Social Media Marketing Workshops

Content marketing. Social media marketing. Context marketing. Influencer marketing. Inbound marketing. Advocacy marketing.

About the Program

Content marketing.  Social media marketing.  Context marketing.  Influencer marketing.  Inbound marketing.  Advocacy marketing.  Arrghhh - since when did marketing get so confusing?

The truth is, one doesn’t trump the others. They’re complementary. The struggle comes because different agencies serve different specialisms – it’s hard to understand how the pieces fit together.

If you lead a B2B marketing team and want to up-skill your organisation to become digital marketing experts, then this half day course is perfect for you.

We’ll explore the differences between outbound and inbound marketing and why this transition is important given the change in how B2B buyers search for solutions.

Attendees are introduced to the inbound methodology focusing on building a persona based marketing strategy, the importance of social listening, creating content that fits context, amplifying content through Paid, Owned and Earned and the importance of employee advocacy for content creation and amplification.

They leave with practical tools and techniques and confidence to create an inbound marketing plan for their area of responsibility.

Ideal for Marketing Leaders who want to…

Develop a marketing team that understand how digital marketing will shapes their future role

Raise the profile of marketing internally as a department that leads digital transformation

Strengthen their relationship with sales using a content driven approach

Do more with less (we’ve all been there) and shift the balance of budget from outbound to inbound activities