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B2B Sales And Marketing Alignment eBook

The Ultimate Game Of Digital Ping Pong

An effective partnership between sales and marketing is the #1 success factor attributed to achieving revenue goals (Heinz Marketing).

The modern B2B buyer wants sales and marketing
to make buying easier, not harder. To gain buy-in from the whole decision-making group, we need to work together to help buyers advance their purchase, instead of adding to the overwhelming decision paralysis that they often face.

To meet buyer needs involves a concerted shift. Sales and marketing must truly work together – sharing data and insights, jointly creating content, resources and collaboratively creating a strategy.

They need to focus on goals that put the customer at the heart of their plan.

But what does this mean in real terms and more importantly, how do you achieve sales and marketing alignment?

We've created this eBook to help those looking to align sales and marketing, including practical steps you can take to get started on alignment, right away.


This eBook covers:


  • Why businesses are striving for sales and marketing alignment
  • The ultimate game of ping-pong - Why sales and marketing need each other in the digital era
  • The biggest challenge in alignment and how to overcome it
  • How to improve communication between sales and marketing
  • How to align sales and marketing
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