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    Join Our Tribe

    We're growing and looking to expand our tribe!

    Is Social Your Thing?

    If so, we'd love to hear from you!  We're growing and, as a result, are looking for new talent to join our tribe.  We're a social crowd and enjoy interacting, engaging and learning from others (digitally and in person).   So, if you have a passion for all things social, read on!


    A Bit About Our Tribal Family

    We're a young business - we launched in 2015 and thrive on the adventure of doing things differently and consider our customers a part of our extended tribal family. 

    We practice what we preach; we're a social, employee driven business. We pride ourselves on flexible working where employees are given space to learn and develop.  Some of us like to work from home.  Others from coffee shops.  We don't mind because we focus on outcomes and not hours spent sat in the office!  

    The “Tribal Way” is how we do things – the foundations by which we operate.  It’s how we behave, interact, enjoy our work and do right by our fellow members and our customers. More affectionately known as our “F words”, they’re here to guide us and remind why we're proud to be a little different.  Which 3 resonate most with you?




    Roles We're Hiring For

    We need all kinds of skills (contract and permanent), at various levels (junior to senior).  However, our priority is finding people who will thrive in our culture.  

    We know when we attract people who relate to and understand our business philosophy, they grow their role into one that adds value to our wider tribe.

    We're interested in people who feel that have something to contribute and are as passionate about social business as we are.


    Currently Recruiting: Senior Digital Specialist

    We are currently looking to hire full-time Senior Digital Specialist based in the UK.

    Our Senior Digital Specialists are digitally savvy, self-starting and comfortable working directly with customers. They are experienced with managing customer expectations, building relationships online and taking a solution-oriented approach to resolving issues. They are responsible for enabling our customers to drive Social Business transformation and act as the flexible, multi-skilled adviser that our customers need to support their journey.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • To work under the guidance of our Chief of Experience and Digital Strategists to build and nurture 1-2-1 client relationships directly and remotely (occasionally face-to-face), working seamlessly with Digital Specialists and contractors to deliver services on time and to a high standard.
    • To lead on, coordinate and occasionally create project deliverables (including social media content, webinar delivery, optimisation and publishing services) directly for clients.
    • To draw upon own competence, experience and prior learning to mentor/coach and upskill our Digital Specialists.

    • To remotely (occasionally face-to-face) manage the relationship with the client(s) in place of the Digital Strategist to ensure that in their absence that projects are being managed and delivered to expectations and proposed plan.

    To learn more about the role, download the full job description and apply:

    Senior Digital Specialist Application




    What Is It Like Being Part Of Our Tribe?

    We figured it would be a good idea to give you a taster of what to expect because things are done a little differently in our tribal camp.  If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.  Complete the form and introduce yourself!

    • Do What It Takes:  It's no secret that we love our customers at Tribal.  They're part of our team and we're part of theirs.  You're comfortable with being empowered to make the decisions that do right by our team (that includes our customers).

    • Flexibility To Make "Work" Work For You We pride ourselves on flexible working - it works for our team and our customers.  Maybe you walk the dog in the morning and take customer calls in the evening.  We're cool with that if it works for everyone involved!

    • Just Another Cuppa:  You'll be comfortable with working alone and experienced in working as part of a virtual team.  It's easy to get distracted when working remotely but you're focused on the deadlines you set yourself.   

    • "That's Great, Here's How We Can Make It Better" This is how you think.  You'll bring innovation to the team, confidently contributing opinions and ideas on how we can improve and drive business growth.  

    • What Would My Peers Do?  We believe in a culture based on trust.  You understand and appreciate this freedom.  You make mindful decisions centred around what's best for our customers and Tribal team.  

    • Crack On:  We're fast movers.  Our customers like it and it keeps us buzzing.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable because at Tribal you'll need to be a fast learner, quick thinker and efficient doer.

    Skills We're Looking For...

    • Trainers and enablers
    • Confident presenters
    • Account managers
    • Social media
    • Digital/Social Selling
    • Brand/Employee Advocacy experience
    • Content creation
    • Copywriting


    Personal Attributes We're Looking For …

    • Self starter, able to work independently
    • Is prepared to ‘have a go’ and proactively takes action before being asked
    • Comfortable with remote working
    • Fulfils promises, meets deadlines and honours commitments
    • Is honest, respectful and authentic when dealing with others
    • Identifies and develops initiatives to support business/revenue growth