Executive Social Kick Start Program

We know that being ‘social’ doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Busy executives don’t have time to learn how use new tools and search for content. That’s why we’ve developed a Social Kick Start Program specifically for busy business leaders.

About the Program

First we’ll interview you to understand a little more about who you are, what you do and figure out your personal niche – the space that you can claim as your specialist area. Then we research keywords, the LinkedIn Groups you should be active in, the content you should be authoring, the hashtags you should participate in and the Influencers that are already operating around ‘your space’.

We give you a 3-month plan that will help kick-start your social profile in the right direction. During month 1 and 2, we build the social channels that best suit your personal strategy, we build your following, create a weekly social editorial calendar, manage engagements and report progress back to you every two weeks.

Month three, or the transition month, we meet you or a nominated person to transfer your accounts over. We set up an easy-to-use social management tool on your smart phone that’s customised to you and your keywords. We coach you on how to post, what to post, how often and best times.

We give you a daily routine taking no longer than the time it takes to drink your morning cup of coffee and you’re off.

Get stuck? We’re at the end of the phone to support you in your new social journey.

Ideal for Executive Leaders that…

Want to be active on social media but don’t know where to begin

Feel they could improve and optimise their LinkedIn profile but don’t have the time

Want to expand their network with customers and peers in other companies

Have busy schedules and need an on-the-move approach to managing their social presence