A social business (and our business, for that matter) is built on trust, authenticity and value.  For that reason, if you choose to get in touch with us there are a few things you shouldn’t expect.   Don’t expect…

  • An automated contact management system.  We’re human.  You’ll talk to a human.
  • Us to chase you down for updates – we’ve been on that side of the fence and it’s annoying.
  • Us to sell you a widget, product or service.  Every business is different.  That’s where we’ll begin.

Our philosophy is simple.  

We’re here to add value.  If we can help, we’ll tell you.  If we can’t, we probably know someone who can.  We believe that businesses (like employees) reach their ‘ready point’ in their own time.  So, feel free to get in touch when you're ready.

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We share all kinds of useful content around social business and employee advocacy.

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Even though we’re social first, we do still like to have good chat so if you prefer the phone, give us a call:

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We love good old fashioned snail mail and the excitement of receiving a letter in the post.  It just might take us a little longer to get back to you.

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