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    What Is Employee Persona? Tribal Impact Explains

    employee personas

    When considering how best to implement an employee advocacy program, organisations can look at several aspects of the people with whom they want to engage: their employees.

    Identifying Expert Employees

    Firstly, there is their role but, rather than considering their specific job role, it’s more beneficial to consider the wider categorisation of it; for example politician, academic, decision maker etc.

    Secondly, everyone will conform to a certain ‘type’ when it comes to advocacy; these include everyday influencers, brand advocates, professional influencers, micro- or macro-influencers.

    It can also be useful for employees to work out their 'social maturity', to discover the impact of their professional brand on social media:


    tribal sketches- influencer marketing  employee advocacy subtitiles


    But, the really useful categorisation, is that of the influencer persona. The persona refers to the way in which an individual shares content with their audience. Read on to find out how to identify your expert employees and their influencer personas.

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    What Is An Influencer?

    By their nature, influencers will already be at the top end of social networking. They will have a high number of influencer relationships within their network, be sharing content on a regular basis, with a high level of added value through insights and be used to creating and sharing their own content.


    Types Of Influencer Persona

    There are six types of influencer persona:

    Online Connectors – these are the influencers that have the greatest number of connections (and interaction with those connections) within a given community. Their key characteristics are: topic agnostic; good for attracting a larger crowd; early adopters; highest volume of interactions of all personas.

    Event Speakers – these people are professional speakers who may or may not have a strong online influence (with the probable exception of LinkedIn). They do, however, have a large offline audience and are likely to be referenced often in articles, blogs and forums. Their key characteristics are: high topical authority on niche topics; speak at events once per month; 20+ references per event on Twitter.

    Industry Experts – these are people who have been involved professionally in a relevant industry and can therefore influence decision making at a high level. They will typically have high-level, C-Suite networks and are seen as an authority in their field. Their key characteristics are: often authors or have published original research; high topical authority on niche topics; 20+ original posts per month; high post/share ratio; referenced in articles, blogs and forums.

    Content Creators – these are people who create and publish original material, rather than simply sharing others’ content. Their content is high value and gets good engagement. Their key characteristics are: high average engagement per post; 20+ original posts per month; high post/share ratio.

    Social Amplifiers – these are present on most social platforms and they typically have large audiences. They can therefore easily make content viral by sharing it. They often have friends/peers in their network with a similar ability to help content become viral. Their key characteristics are: high reach;    100+ posts per month; low post/share ratio.

    Onalytica Twitter pic 2

    Once identified, it’s much easier for an organisation to link their influencers with one another to collaborate and maximise one another’s benefits. For example, a dream team would be for a social amplifier to connect with a content creator. To take this a step further, businesses can also identify external collaborations; for example, linking employees with similarly focused external influencers to improve their reach and profile.



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