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Mar 18, 2011 Sarah Goodall

The Rise Of Social Business...But Watch Out For Cookies

The Rise Of Social Business...But Watch Out For Cookies

Earlier this week I presented "The Rise Of Social Business" at Think International, a conference organised by Eye For Image in Copenhagen.  I have a huge belief that social media isn't just a new way of marketing - it's a new way of working.  Already within SAP, social technologies are being used as part of daily work life to share and collaborate across the employee network.

Marketing and communication professionals from many organisations attended the event including Lego, Ecco shoes, Maersk, Danish Government, Saxo Bank.  Apart from meeting some great people and sharing our social business experiences (and frustrations) it was also interesting to view a presentation from specialist marketing lawyer Heidi Steen Jensen from Horton Law Firm.  She talked about the complexities around laws that will impact social privacy e.g. cookies.

On May 25th a new EU Directive will come into play around the use of cookies.  Apparently the directive is still being 'cooked up' (sorry...couldn't resist the pun) but it will most certainly impact use of cookies on the web but may also impact the use of social media and social behaviour is tracked.  I'm still trying to get my head around it but here are a couple of articles I've found on the matter.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how (or indeed if) you feel the EU directive will impact social monitoring.

New Govt will need to decide on EU ‘cookies’ directive

Why the EU Privacy Directive is not a real threat to the internet industry

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Published by Sarah Goodall March 18, 2011
Sarah Goodall