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Aug 27, 2010 Sarah Goodall

How Receptionists Can Make or Break a Brand Experience

First Impressions Count Receptionists Can Make or Break A Brand Experience

I'm not a huge Little Britain fan but I can't help but laugh at the Carol Beer sketches.  Partly because I'm just astounded by the rudeness of the woman and partly because, in some ways, it rings true with how receptionists can make or break a brand experience.Download our FREE Employee Advocacy Workbook and learn how to plan an advocacy  program in 8 simple steps.




I've had a few experiences with "Carol Beer" and it leaves me thinking that they're either having a bad day or they truely dislike their job.  Either way, the reality is that 9/10 your receptionist is the first person your customer or prospect will see when they walk through the door.  Do not be mistaken...they can make or break a brand experience.

Tribal Tips: So how do you avoid "Carol Beer" brand experience in your business?

  1. Keep them informed:  Make sure your receptionist knows who is coming and why - it puts some context behind why people are there and you just never know what they hear before and after the meeting!
  2. Train them up:  Take time to educate your receptionist on what the business does, why and who for.  Involve them in messaging programs - they could be networked to your next prospect!
  3. Be friendly:  Don't dismiss them when you walk in every morning.  They know everyone and see everyone and your personal brand isn't worth tainting.
  4. Hire carefully:  The receptionist is the Director of First Impressions for your business.  Attitude, tone, professionalism and personality of the candidate will reflect your brand.  Choose wisely.

Download our FREE Employee Advocacy Workbook and learn how to plan an advocacy  program in 8 simple steps.

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Published by Sarah Goodall August 27, 2010
Sarah Goodall