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Nov 25, 2021 Deepa Gibson

The B In B2B Instagram Marketing – Be Instagram

The B In B2B Instagram Marketing – Be Instagram compressed

Are you making use of marketing tools Instagram has to offer? I'm going to share a series of 3 blogs to get your business Instagram ready.

These numbers speak for themselves! There are over 1 billion users every month, making Instagram the second-ranked traditional social network in terms of active users.

200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily; a large portion of Instagram users are looking at business profiles.


Is Instagram Suitable For B2B?

B2C businesses successfully use Instagram, but there are enormous opportunities for B2B brands when used correctly.

Here are a few questions to consider before committing to an Instagram strategy.

  • Are you on any other social media platforms?
  • How engaged is your audience?
  • Is your ideal client on Instagram?
  • Do you have the time to be involved with Instagram?
  • Can you use employee-generated content to represent your brand?

"If your audience is on Instagram, that's where you should be too."


Tell A Story

Businesses that share the most interesting stories build the largest audiences. The best way to attract people to your company and get them to engage with you is to be consistent with your visual storytelling.

Try a grid post using the carousel feature that solves a problem or tells a story. Instagram's Reels and Stories feature allows you to create a slideshow or montage of photos or video. When put together, they tell a story and provide your audience with an insight into your brand.

Instagram "no longer a square photo-sharing app,"

This statement by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, sent everyone into a frenzy, suggesting that images are no longer the app's focus. In short, images AND video is the next part of the plan for Instagram.

The success of TikTok has led other social media platforms to follow with their version of short-form video. Instagram Reels is inspired by TikTok, and posts are often shared between the platforms.

Removing IGTV, a stand-alone app, and moving all long-form video content to a play button tab suggests that video is their main priority. Short-form content is Stories and Reels, both of which have buttons.

They are heading towards pushing more video content, this isn't to say images and graphics don't work, but this statement reinforces that video should be part of your content plan.


Employee-Generated Content

Authenticity is the buzzword for Instagram. Company culture, meet the team, staff achievements, and celebrations all do well on Instagram. This covers two aspects of your business your staff and your services/product. Proof of your offering to the business world and introduce the employees behind the brand. Featuring what you do in fancy graphics isn't enough. Seeing people is what works on Instagram. Highlighting your sales team and asking them to share their day is great for potential clients to see the personalities and build a relationship with the audience.


Stuck For Ideas

Instagram started as an app, and the most straightforward way was to post Stories/Reels/Posts is directly through your phone. Stories still are easier done via the phone, so my tip would be to write the words on a notes app before you start, so they are ready to paste in. Batch create content and use a scheduler to save you from posting daily.

Another quick win is to share a grid post to Stories. Use stickers to animate and create interest in the grid post.  More people are watching them as they are quicker to consume. Doing this will also drive them back to your Instagram page to help build up those impressions.

Here is a list of content ideas that can be repurposed into different types of posts.

  • Spotlight team members
  • Shout out clients
  • Share reviews or testimonials
  • Upcycle parts of your email newsletter
  • Behind the scenes
  • Blog or podcast episode

In the next blog, I share ways to Be creative on Instagram using Reels, Carousel, Stories and Lives.



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Published by Deepa Gibson November 25, 2021
Deepa Gibson