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Dec 09, 2021 Tribal Impact

How To Measure Buying-Intent With LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The most effective outreach always happens when you truly understand what your audience wants. This is more relevant than ever, with LinkedIn discovering a 30%  decline in buyer responses compared to before Covid.

Tailoring your approach to your target buyer is, therefore, more important than ever so that you know you’re reaching the right people at the right time with the right message. This is key to helping prospects solve their problems and for you to hit your targets. 

One of LinkedIn’s latest features, Account Buyer Interest (available exclusively for enterprise users) uses AI to work out a target account’s level of interest in a particular product and/or service.  

To work that out, it uses factors such as employee interactions, ad engagement, company page engagement, and InMail acceptances. 

Account Buyer Interest will help social sellers to qualify target accounts, track their level of interest, and stay on top of the latest information.


How Account Buyer Interest Will Benefit Social Sellers 

Figuring out if, and when, buyers are ready to purchase can be confusing and time-consuming. There’s no way to know when someone is ready, which means going in for the sell too soon could put them off, but waiting too long could also mean you lose out on the sale. 

Account Buyer Interest is designed to help with this.  Example below:

Buyer Interest

The new feature makes it clear which accounts are ready to buy, saving time that would otherwise be wasted while social sellers try to work out who’s ready to purchase and chasing accounts which aren’t ready yet.  

Instead, they can focus their time on those who are closer to the sale. This gives them more time to spend sharing content, creating connections, and nurturing their pipeline. 

Its interest meter takes into account things like company page visits, InMail acceptances, employee interactions, and ad engagement. Using these metrics, it works out an account’s buyer interest score and shows it as a scale. Their score will be listed as low, neutral, high, or very high. Social sellers can then use this data to make more informed decisions about how and where to spend their time.

The new feature also breaks down the score, showing which areas someone ranks as very high, high, neutral, or low for, providing more detailed data than ever before. 

This new feature not only saves time, but it also makes social selling even more efficient. Social sellers can focus their time on accounts who are ready to buy, which can further reduce the time it takes to make a sale, and possibly even the cost of each sale because of the faster process. 

We’re excited to see how this new feature helps social sellers improve their time management and connect with their audience. 


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Published by Tribal Impact December 9, 2021