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Social Media Policy eBook

The How-To Guide For Managing Employee Risk And Brand Reputation

Learn How To Turn Employee Social Media Risk Into An Opportunity

Use this Social Media Policy How-To Guide to refresh your business approach to social media. 
Having a social media policy that's fit for purpose is an essential part of any business. Social media has many benefits for both employees and brands, however along with these benefits come risks to brand reputation.
Our eBook will help you to mitigate these risks by offering practical tips and advice around keeping both your brand and employees safe on social media. Creating a social business is about enabling employees to feel confident to share their expertise on social media, having a social media policy empowers them to be able to do this, whilst giving businesses the peace of mind their reputation is in good hands.
This eBook will help you...
 Understand how a policy can help manage risk
 Communicate the benefits of social employees
 Structure a best practice social media policy
 Ensure your employees understand the policy
 Build etiquette guidelines for your employees
 Answer common social media risk FAQs
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Download Your Social Media Policy eBook Here