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Hi there,

It’s June and as I write, it’s still raining and whilst our garden looks fabulous, my sandals haven’t left the wardrobe. To be honest, we’ve been running so fast just recently that my feet have been living in trainers!

In the last 6 weeks we’ve onboarded five new Tribal Certified Trainers, featured in a HubSpot event and met for our quarterly team off-site. What’s more we’ve enabled over 300 Social Sellers around the world both virtually and in New York, London and Germany - phew!  Finally, we’re working with my dear friend and advocacy expert Susan Emerick on a new research study – be great if you can take part here.

However, one thing is consistent with every new customer I talk to and workshop I deliver - the role of the expert employee. The internal innovator and the everlasting challenger.  Companies are full of them but don’t realise it. I get to work with these people every day because often these are the people driving social business transformation – our customers! 

What’s more, we help them enable their expert employees build influence in their own right.  Why? Because according to Edelman Trust Barometer 2019, your experts and employees are trusted more than anyone else in your organisation…including your leaders (ouch!). So this month we’ve been reading a lot about influence, employees and enabling your expert community.

Here’s hoping the weather improves in time for school sports day races – yes, it’s that time of year!

All the best,


Fake Influence and Authenticity cartoon | Marketoonist | Tom Fishburne

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