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Oh, hello summer!  The warmer months are here, the kids have broken up from school the Olympics are underway. We have our very own Tribal Olympics running in tandem with Japan with everyone finding their own interpretation of different sports. Check out our Instagram for a sneak preview!

We’re busier than ever here at Tribal (who said summer was quieter?). I’m having a lot of conversations about reactivating Sales Navigator licenses for sales teams. After lockdown hit last year, companies were quick to equip their sales teams with the digital tools they needed for remote selling. However, the tools don’t work without training. With renewal contracts coming up companies are, quite rightly, asking  “is it worth the money?". In short, it is but you have to know how to run it!         

Talking of running, it’s my half marathon this weekend in London 😳. It’s the first time I’ve travelled to London since I recorded this webinar with LinkedIn last February!  I’m taking part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon so if you want to watch whilst you’re sipping your Sunday morning coffee, I’ll be recording my adventure live on Instagram!


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